Suggestions for The City of Syracuse on Passing the Trophy

Ut Oh Syracuse!!!  It looks like your reign as the King of the Golden Snowball contest is coming to an end.  Your spot on the top of the snow pile will soon be taken away by The Rock, Roch cha cha, the Great city of Rochester :)

With less than 2 days left in the great snow race Rochester holds a big enough lead and is dug in deep enough on top of the snow hill that no city will be able to reach them by the end of June 30th.  Now the question is what’s next other than come May 1st declaring Rochester the snow champions for the 2011 – 2012 season.

The question that comes to my mind is how will the city of Syracuse transfer the trophy over to Rochester.  Maybe the Mayor will take a limo and deliver it personally?  Maybe they will just ship it to them through the mail?  In my opinion it would be pretty cool to have a convoy of salt trucks and snow plows driving down the highway with the mayor following in a limo.  Of course it would be nice if the mayor would ask me to join her ;)   Throw in a marching band from one of the city’s schools and hey, it’s a party now.  After all they did most likely save hundreds of thousands of dollars this winter.

These are a few of my suggestions.  How do you think the city of Syracuse should pass the trophy along?

4 thoughts on “Suggestions for The City of Syracuse on Passing the Trophy

  1. You know, I was thinking about this last night…

    It should be more like a sports championship…like the Super Bowl. The commissioner comes out, gives the trophy to the winning team on the stage and much confetti flies. And don’t forget the parade.

    So, we’ll call you the commissioner…you get to go out to Rochester, proclaim them the champions in front of the thousands in the crowd. Give the trophy to the Mayor. Get the head of the DPW up there. Maybe some of the Rochester meteorologists. Have it be broadcast in each of the 5 GSB cities.

    That’s how you celebrate a championship.

    • I like your thinking Stephen. Of course you would be making the road trip with me :) Plus I think ZR800 should be there. We present the trophy to ZR and he gives it to te mayor :)

    • That would be cool WeatherMan :) Not sure if the glass ball on top would survive though :(