4 comments on “Suggestions for The City of Syracuse on Passing the Trophy

  1. You know, I was thinking about this last night…

    It should be more like a sports championship…like the Super Bowl. The commissioner comes out, gives the trophy to the winning team on the stage and much confetti flies. And don’t forget the parade.

    So, we’ll call you the commissioner…you get to go out to Rochester, proclaim them the champions in front of the thousands in the crowd. Give the trophy to the Mayor. Get the head of the DPW up there. Maybe some of the Rochester meteorologists. Have it be broadcast in each of the 5 GSB cities.

    That’s how you celebrate a championship.

    • I like your thinking Stephen. Of course you would be making the road trip with me :) Plus I think ZR800 should be there. We present the trophy to ZR and he gives it to te mayor :)

    • That would be cool WeatherMan :) Not sure if the glass ball on top would survive though :(

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