6 comments on “Syracuse Already Over Seasonal Snowfall Normals

  1. The storm keeps going back and forth. First looked like NYC would see significant snow, then it looked like here in Syracuse would see the heaviest. The latest computer model Monday night shows NYC to Albany with the heaviest snow coming in Saturday night and early Sunday. Either way we will see the lake effect snow behind the storm for the first half of next week!

  2. It looks as if the storm from next week is not going to affect 3 of the cities (Syr, Buf, and Roc) and that will give the other 2(Alb, Bgm) a chance to catch up.

  3. Thanks for clarifying the average annual snowfall issue. Where did the number 111.9 inches for the annual snowfall come from, which was being used for the past few years?

  4. Anon, made you depressed meaning you wish we were only a quarter way through the season 😉

    Really we are probably a little more than halfway through the snow season. A lot of people use mid January as the middle. Of course with Groundhogs Day right around the corner that may change one way or another though :)

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