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If you order you personal checks through your bank you may want to try ordering them online and save. I figure while we are on downtime from the snow and right now in a heat wave I would make some shameless plugs for my shopping sites. This site you will find some good deals on both personal checks and business checks and forms that you may need for your business.

One of the check companies that we deal with has a pretty good special going on for personal checks. If you visit my check site go to the bottom of the page and you will see a link for 4checks .com. You will also see a coupon for first time buyers to their site. The coupon will save you quite a bit off of 2 boxes of personal checks. If you don’t add any extras you should get 2 boxes of checks for around $10.00 to $14.00. Unless you get free checks from your bank you should save at least 60% with this special.

Click Here for Personal Checks and Business Checks

If your looking to order business checks or forms then use the link at the top of the page. I believe that will automatically set the coupon code for you. If not the code is on my check site at the top. You should get up to 50% off your orders of business checks. So the bottom for personal checks and the top for business forms and checks and make sure you use the coupon codes. You will also find a ton of themes for your bank checks. An example is that if you type Syracuse in the search box you will come up with some cool checks that have the Syracuse Orange logo on them along with pictures of the dome and Otto 😉 These are the ones I order online through my site. Just click the link below and thanks :)

Click Here for Personal Checks and Business Checks