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Here is an old family video of the blizzard of 66, 1966 that is taken in Syracuse, New York to help those of you who are patiently waiting for snow 😉 I was just a little kid, the little one in the brown jacket but I do remember some of this blizzard. Mostly having a lot of fun being able to walk over neighborhood fences and sliding down our garage roof.

Of course I also remember crying like a little sissy boy throughout the day for the fact that the snow drifts from the blizzard of 66 were way higher than me and I would sink into the snow and not be able to see anything. I did let out some yells to make sure I was found each time though 😉 Luckily there were 5 of us kids and then some neighborhood kids around so it wouldn’t take too long to get saved from being buried or lost :)

Check out my Dad shoveling the snow in the driveway from the blizzard of 66 in Syracuse. The snow drifts were over his head too and I bet he had a blast trying to keep an eye on us as he shoveled what I am sure felt like an endless amount of snow from the driveway.

Anyways, just a little tease of what’s ahead of us 😉 No snow to report yet for Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton or Albany yet other than a trace of snow. Who is going to start off the snow contest this season?


Have a Great Day All 😉