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I’ll be crunching numbers for those of you who entered to win the Autographed book “Lake Effect” signed by author Mark Monmonier.  From taking a quick look at some of your snow stats that you guesstimated I can tell you that it’s pretty close between a handful of you.

OK, barring any fuzzy math on my part here are the entries that were pretty close to each other along with the winner of the contest.  Thanks to all of you who entered :)

Stephen – 261.7 off by – 18.5
Kimberly – 299 off by –   18.8
Peter – 258.4  off by –     21.8

The winner and not by much is
* Don who had 297.5 and missed by 17.3 inches of snow.


Syracuse – 83.2
Rochester – 63.8
Binghamton – 53.8
Buffalo – 48.7
Albany – 30.7

Total = 280.2

The snow totals above is what NOAA, The National Weather Service has reported as of the end of yesterday.  So the magic number to hit or be closest to after adding the totals of the 5 Golden Snowball cities comes out to 280.2 inches of snow.