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I was just looking around and checking some stats and so on for the Golden Snowball website here as I am getting ready for the new snow season and I cam across a link to our site from the CNY Central weather section here in Syracuse that I thought was pretty cool :) Most of the local news stations and websites have always been great about plugging the snow contest. No doubt Sean Kirst, who gave me the nickname The Oracle of the Golden Snowball contest, and made the snow contest as big as it is today along with a bunch of others including sites from Buffalo and Rochester like The Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester and Buffalo News. There have also been some links from national websites and lots of smaller but cool blogs and so on. Thanks to all of you 😉

But when I looked at the link on the CNY Central site I thought about a lot of my family and friends. I come from a family who has quite a few teachers in it along with a lot of friends that are also teachers. So when I saw the category that our site was listed under I kind of smiled 😉

If you look toward the bottom of their webpage you will see some links that go to other sites under different categories. I love what the Category that my website is listed under on their site and when you see it you will catch my drift as to what I am talking about 😉

Just call me Professor from here on please, and thank you very much to CNY Central and to all of the sites that have sent visitors here over the years :)

Hmmm, Professor Oracle maybe???

Have an awesome day all and don’t expect any improvement in my spelling and grammar in the near future Professor or not :)