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Just a heads up that I started up the National Snow Contest a couple weeks ago. The national snow contest is called the Golden Snow Globe and is for any city in the United States with a population of 100,000 + You can check it out HERE at the golden snow globe website.

Right now Rochester and Syracuse are knocking on the door of less than an inch of snowfall in one day record.  In other words both golden snowball cities haven’t gotten an inch or more so far this season.  The latest Syracuse has ever gone without an inch in one day is December 22nd.  As of yesterday this has been the second longest they have gone.

Rochester’s will break their latest snowfall total of less than an inch if they can hold off the snow until the 22nd.  The latest they have gone is Dec. 21st which was back in 1939.  This will be their 2nd best without an inch if they make it through today.  With snow in the forecast in the next couple of days it will be interesting to see if either of the cities can do it.

1       DECEMBER 21 1939
2       DECEMBER 19 1927
3       DECEMBER 17 1998
4       DECEMBER 16 1979
5       DECEMBER 15 1948

LATEST FOR SYRACUSE courtesy of the Binghamton National Weather Service