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10 PM Update –  It looks like Syracuse slipped into the lead but we’ll wait until the stats come out tomorrow for all of the cities.  The stats are updated as of between 4:00 and 5:00 Pm for today with Albany not reporting.  Just off and on light snow in the Syracuse area so come tomorrow the king of the snow hill may still be up for grabs 😉


Firts off – WE’RE ALIVE :)  The Mayans had me sweating it out for awhile there, lol.  Happy Winter All!

Just a quick update for now seeing how most of the stats are from just yesterday and not the overnight.  .Buffalo grabbed enough snow to jump past Syracuse into 2nd place.  WTG Buffalo and is this your season to take the golden prize?

Right now it looks like there is about 5 inches on the ground so far in Syracuse. Hopefully another 3-6 inches to come by the time it settles down. After the slow start we all have had so far there is a lot of snow totals to make up to get back to a normal season. I’ll get another snow total update in later when the National Weather Service posts them. GO SU!!!