2 comments on “The Oracle’s Golden Snowball 2007 – 2008 Winter Prediction

  1. Mike, I figured you, Pam and the kids would be further south by now, ya snow birds :p I see that more and more of the family is heading south though from the family website :(

    Your right about if it stays warmer more snow will be coming our way because of the lakes staying warmer but I don’t think the NE is going to see what they are calling for the rest of the country to see this winter, which is warmer weather. I think Buffalo will have it’s work cut out for them this season unlike last when they so many chances because of the lake not freezing over. It should be interesting this year though and a close one I hope.

    Hey, I thought you were out of the office for a few weeks :) Tell the family Hello for me Mike and don’t be a stranger here!

  2. Patrick, you can bet the farm that your snowfall prediction is coming right on.. yes, will be above normal as you indicate, but the climate will be warmer – an avg of 20 degrees instead of 15 for the core winter months. so you got that going for you! your cousin mike down here in north kakilacki says so!

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