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  1. Sorry about your Mother but glad she is recovering. I lost mine last year to pnuemonia. It is hard when the kids move away, one son moved to Dallas and the other to Denver. I can’t complain I moved to Maryland. I just got over my pnuemonia by going to my son’s (from Dallas) wedding in Cancun. It beats the snow any day. Be very proud of your son. The border Patroll is an honorable career. I remember when my brother joined the Border Patrol and was sent to San Diego. We were very upset. But he had a great time. He is nearing the end of his career and is now a Special Agent in Charge of a Customs office. He made the rounds from Border Patrol, to Immigration and now Customs. He did make it back to New York after about 6 years. You probably didn’t want to hear that it took that long but he did make it back and I am still in Maryland.

  2. Anon,

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I asked Shane tonight what color his uniform is and he said they are green. This is still all new to us so I would think that the green will mean what you mentioned, chase the bad guys thru the dessert.

    We talk about every other night and so far he is liking it. He’s always been athletic and is handling most of the physical part of it but he said the calisthenics have been kicking his butt. The rest of the physical training he said is pretty easy. The running, push ups and so on. As for the book work he failed his first test but did good on the next two so hopefully it will all click for him from here on out. Spanish might be a bump in the road. He took 3 – 4 years of Italian in High School and 1 or 2 semesters of Spanish in college.

    I think you would agree that every little milestone that our kids make in their life makes us prouder each time. From the first day of school, to graduation from high school and then college, big plays on the baseball field and so on. No doubt it will be like you say when the pinning time comes. Now lets just hope that the stuff going on in some of the cities in Mexico get brought under control soon. Thanks again for the post and thanks for your service and your sons.

  3. SilverCat, Thanks for the well wishes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Believe it or not the contest officially ends the last day of April.

    I was the one who pretty much fought for that date for the may reason being that if it is a close contest the snow in April could make a difference. Look at last seasons stats and how close it was down to the wire.

    The original date that the city wanted was the first day of Spring which would be cool to have a trophy presentation and all but not very realistic. Normally the snow continues through March with a little in April. I talked with one of the people who was involved in getting the original Golden Snowball contest going and he agreed.

    That said I may try to talk to a city rep here in Syracuse and see what he thinks about calling it a wrap. My guess is he won’t have any problem with it seeing how he gets to keep the trophy in his office another year ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As for the trophy presentation itself there has only been one official one that I am aware of or at least that I was part of. I’ll talk with Dennis and see if something can happen this season. If there is a presentation I’ll post the date and place here. The last time was at the DPW in Syracuse with all the plow people taking part of it which was only fitting IMO.

  4. my son has been a customs & border protection officer in south texas for 5 years, he loves the job, cbp wear blue and work bridges, terminals etc patrol wear green and chase the bad guys thru the dessert, you will never be more proud of your son as the moment you pin that badge on him for the first time, he has picked a great career–retired federal officer

  5. Hi Patrick,

    I’m happy to hear that your mother is doing well. I hope you’re feeling much better too. I have first-hand experience with pnuemonia and it’s not fun.

    A question . . . when and where does the Golden Snowball get bestowed on us champs in da ‘Cuse?

    It was a great ride!


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