5 comments on “Welcome to The Golden Snow Less Contest

  1. Buffalo showing 5.8", we only got a couple in the ROC. Nice to see some white stuff on the ground.

  2. Selhan, Thanks for the information and it's really appreciated. The longest period without snow in 57 years for The Rock.

    Ha, Ha General. Yes, please do all of us a favor and lay off the snow dance. If memory serves me right one created a wind storm and the other an ice storm maybe??? I'm hoping to get the outdoor decorations up maybe on Tuesday. I think rain is in the forecast for Dacuse tomorrow :( Should have done them today.

  3. I can feel the snow comming! I really can't believe it's heading into December already. I keep thinking we got plenty of time for some snow but a snowless November in Buffalo that is a rare sight. Speaking of statistics, the record latest date for the first measurable snowfall in Buffalo is December 3rd. While it's only 4 days away it's looking like it will be close as to how late we can hold off on the flakes.

    If you have any outdoor holiday decorating to finish up or want to give your yard one more trim this is looking like the last few days to get it done. Hate to admit this but I still havent pulled out the snowblower yet to tune it up. Thinkin I'll take advantage of the day off on Tuesday to do that.

    Good luck with your first snow dance of the season Pat. Based on my past track record I'm going to spare the good people of Buffalo from any misfortunes and hold off on joining you in a snow dance this week.

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