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  1. Sre, a friend of mine goes to probably 98% of the Chiefs home games and was acually named fan of the year several years back.

    They are on a roll and from what he says, they have a decent pitching rotation right now that’s working out good for them.

    As for the Crunch it would be awesome to see them win it all. From what I have read they are playing some of their best Hockey ever. Go Crunch!!!

  2. Patty, I didn’t whine that much about how hot it was, Did I? Yeah I guess I did 😉

    General, I’m counting the days to wrap this thing up. I do see the 30’s at night in the forecast. Wouldn’t it be something if one of the other cities pulled this off at the last possible chance.

  3. *COULD* be looking at something interesting to end the final days of the contest. After some beautiful weather the past few weeks we will get a sharp cold shot which has a *VERY SLIGHT* (at this time) chance of maybe even bringing some of the white stuff back for a late season visit. Since the odds are rather low at this time and not to give myself a bad name on the weather street all I’m gonna say is don’t crown a winner just yet!

  4. Still here chief. Speaking of chief…looks like the Syracuse Chiefs are starting strong this year…at the top of the division last I checked.

    Crunch are in the postseason too.

    Not bad at all.

  5. I can honestly say i think you saved your whining for sunday-but hey you can whine, moan, or scream makes no difference to me-just ENJOY the day (for the love of pete!!!!

  6. Checkin In! Been thinkin about makin a post for about a week but really had nothing to say other then “Hey it’s finally nice out!”

    Got up to a record 87 here in Buffalo on Saturday DANG! Lake Erie is all ice free and is already up to 35 degrees.

    Planning to do a short slideshow or something with the lake erie ice pics over the past month, amazing how quick the ice cover vanished in such a short time. Also have some other off season projects in mind. Haven’t been pushing out my stats nearly enough as last season.

  7. Tom D, I’m with you on the temperatures. I personally like it sunny and about 65 – 70 myself. When it gets up to the top 70’s and 80’s it’s too hot for me. Of course I don’t have it as bad as you do having to work out in it.

    Tom, I don’t blame you for not posting. You’ll notice I have been hit and miss here also. Not too many people thinking about snow this time of year that’s for sure.

  8. Sorry for not posting. I have been enjoying the nice weather. I hope I am still able to be a team member for next year’s contest!

  9. While I’m glad that Winter is finally over, i would be much happier if the weather stayed around 70-75 year round, instead of jumping from 40 to 80 in just one week…..but, i have a job that keeps me outdoors most hours while i am at work, so unfortunately for me, i get to either freeze, or burn to a crisp, and there’s not much i can do either way….between the last few days outside and spending today mowing my lawn, i’m developing a nice sunburn already….

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