12 comments on “Who Wants Snow – Take It or Leave It

  1. Shane, same here with the heating bills :) I also agree about needing some cold air for the ski spots. Christmas vacation is right around the corner for the college kids and I’m sure the slopes are starting to get a little nervous. Hopefully soon!

  2. Hey ZR, I hear ya :) I’d at least like to get a really decent storm roll in to really kick the season off. I’ve been waiting for Sean Kirst to write something as to how many days it’s been since we’ve had at least an inch of snow. Unfortunately with it being Christmas time and me doing what I do,, build shopping websites I’m still too bust to look up a ton of stuff that I would like to :( Just a few more weeks and I can start to get into the site more :)

    • Oh and ZR, your in dead last right now by the way )p Buffalo grabbed .4 while I was sleeping. I think on 12/2 maybe.

  3. Tom, I would have to think that it’s close to one of the longest. When I have some time I’ll try and see if I can find anything on it. I should be able to go back at least the last several years that I have been keeping them to see how long Albany has held the lead. Love your site by the way. Only listened a little but liked what I heard.

  4. Deborah, I think whats surprising me is how long it is to that corner. It keeps looking like we might start getting into it only to see the cold air stick around for a couple of days. You’re right though, sooner or later the snow shoe has to fall.

  5. Rick, looks like it was leave it huh :) I was in Texas when I was just a teenager on vacation. Had fun between there, Mexico and New Mexico but wayy too hot for me. A good place to be if you like the heat. My oldest is still in Arizona and loving it. He keeps saying in the 90’s and 100’s but it’s a dry heat dad. I’ll pass 😉

  6. It’s fine for now, but it will hurt later if we don’t start getting some consistently cooler temps to allow the ski slopes to at least start making some of the artificial stuff. My heating bills for Oct and Nov have come in pleasantly low.

  7. Hey Pat, the extended pleasant fall has been very enjoyable, but I think I am ready for a few months of some solid winter. Last season was great but ended abruptly. We haven’t hadn’t any snow since February and 9 months going on 10 is toooooo long. Im ready!

  8. I wonder, is this the longest Albany has gone holding the lead over all other cities? Wouldn’t it be really weird if Albany ends up coming out on top this year? (Hey, it could happen….. but since I live here, I really hope not!)

  9. It’s sort of like waiting for the shoe to fall. The days are so nice but you know what’s just around the corner

  10. never mind “take it or leave it”, I’ve left snowy NY behind. After nearly 20 years in Rochester I am now living in Austin, TX. I will be checking your site throughout the winter to see who’s winning (or losing depending upon your perspective). Thank you for tracking the info for all of us. Rick M.

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