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OK, call me clueless but I don’t remember ever posting about this contest.  I think I read somewhere that it is the 8th annual snowman contest.  You would think that after 10 years give or take of keeping this site going I would have posted about this before.  Like I said, call me clueless :(  It’s nice to know that someone gets what having winter fun is about in snowy CNY 😉

I was just reading an article that Sean Kirst of the Post Standard / posted earlier about a snowman convention that they have here in the Syracuse area put on by Skiddy the Snowman.  There is a pretty cool picture of a grape snow ape on the site.  It seems to be geared toward the local teachers and their school children and also families but they area also letting you send in your pictures of your snow creations.  I’m not sure if this is just for the folks in the Syracuse area or if it’s open to all.  You can check out Sean’s post and a picture of the grape ape at

There is more information about the snowman contest at Skiddy the Snowmans website at

First off thank you to those who have recently donated.  Robert S., Barry K. and Dennis F..  It really is appreciated and I made up a little thank you page even though it really doesn’t quite express how much I appreciate it.

OK, on to Buffalo you coach stealing %^^&(%.  Syracuse finally gets a coach that I/We like and because you can’t grab the Golden Snowball trophy you come along and grab our football coach, Coach Marrone.  We finally have, No make that had a coach that gave us an exciting offense and an exciting explosive defense and now he’s gone.  Now he is moving on to his next dream job as head coach of the Buffalo Bills.   Shame on you Buffalo, shame on you :(

At least we still have Coach B. who isn’t going anywhere anytime soon :) OK, End of Rant!

The rant was all in fun, sort of 😉  I do wish Coach Marrone the best of luck in Buffalo.  God only knows he’ll need some :p  I also hope this is what the Bills need to get them back on the winning track and back into the playoffs come next season.  For those of you in Buffalo I can tell you one thing.  Look for an exciting offense and explosive defense in the next year or two and Good Luck to the Buffalo Bills!

Have a Great Week All :)


From our family to yours, We wish you a happy, prosperous and more importantly a healthy New Year.  Happy New Year Everyone :)

I think I may need to put up a thank you page for the donations.  Golden Snowball received it’s second donation ever :)  The first was several years back when I went to the mail and there was a letter that had $5.00 in it.  I still have that letter some where in the house.  It was from someone named Pat and it said to have a beer and some wings on them.  I thought that was so cool.

A few weeks ago I added some Pay Pal Donate links to the site in hopes of off setting some of the costs of the website, not to mention the time that is put into the site.  Well I just looked at my pay pal account and saw the first donation was made.  It’s nice to be appreciated and was a great way to start the New Year off.

Thanks Alison for the donation, it’s appreciated.

Have a Safe Happy New Year Everyone 😉