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From our family to yours, We wish you a happy, prosperous and more importantly a healthy New Year.  Happy New Year Everyone :)

I think I may need to put up a thank you page for the donations.  Golden Snowball received it’s second donation ever :)  The first was several years back when I went to the mail and there was a letter that had $5.00 in it.  I still have that letter some where in the house.  It was from someone named Pat and it said to have a beer and some wings on them.  I thought that was so cool.

A few weeks ago I added some Pay Pal Donate links to the site in hopes of off setting some of the costs of the website, not to mention the time that is put into the site.  Well I just looked at my pay pal account and saw the first donation was made.  It’s nice to be appreciated and was a great way to start the New Year off.

Thanks Alison for the donation, it’s appreciated.

Have a Safe Happy New Year Everyone 😉