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Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone :)  After your lucky numbers come in feel free to cheer for mine which are 49ers 9 – Ravens 8  or  49ers 4 – Ravens 3  Good Luck to All :)

Finally Buffalo is covered in the white gold and are moving up the snow hill.  Buffalo added 7.8 inches of snow to their totals yesterday moving them into 3rd place and dropping Binghamton down to 4th place now.  Better yet is that Buffalo is just half an inch away from The Rock, currently in 2nd place.  Way To Go Buffalo!!!

Syracuse still holds a pretty decent lead but remember that’s just a storm or two ahead of the other cities.  With a whole lot of winter left ignoring what the over sized rats had to say yesterday the snow contest is far from being over or even a run away yet.

Have an Awesome Day Everyone :)

Syracuse managed to pile up enough snow yesterday to bring their totals to date over what they had their entire season last year.  They also set a record for the the date, Feb. 1st picking up 10.1 inches of snow.  The old record was 7.6 inches set in 1974…

Even though this season seems pretty easy for some of us so far, all of the Golden Snowball cities are over last years lame snow totals to date.

Syracuse slid past last seasons total snowfall which was 50.6 inches when the contest was called the end of April.  So far this season as of the end of the first day of February Syracuse has piled up 56.9 inches of snow with a lot of the snow season still left to go.  They are still behind their average to date which is 77.6 inches of snow.

That said all of the cities are still quite a bit behind what their average snowfall should be at this time in the season.

Have a Super Bowl kind of weekend everyone 😉