4 comments on “Buffalo Sledding Up The Snow Hill

  1. In Hannibal ,NY we have had close to 115 inches of snow. Syracuse is 80 inches, and Fulton, NY will probably surpass 120 inches tonight. HannibalHannah has watched lake effect since 7:00 am (2/4/2013)

    • Thanks Hannah for the great information. I love seeing the totals from the snowy cities up north. Now you need to start sharing it with us though so could you please push it down to Syracuse the next time the lake effect starts up :) I think it’s time for a snow dance here in Syracuse to see if we can get the winds to blow a little more from the north. Thanks again :)

    • Your wish is our command Roger. Second place it is by an inch over Buffalo and The Rock who are in a tie right now :)

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