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Buffalo keeps piling on the snow and now has a pretty decent lead over the rest of the Golden Snowball cities. Buffalo has almost a foot of snow more than Syracuse who is currently in second place in the snow contest.

I think the big news is that as of yesterday 1/8/14 Buffalo has had more snow this early in the season than ALL of last season. Buffalos”(?) current snow total as of yesterday is 62.9 inches. Buffalo only received 58.8 inches of snow for the entire 2012-2013 snow season. WTG Buffalo 😉

Buffalo also set a date record with 7.6 inches of snowfall beating the old record of 6.6 inches dating all the way back to 1942. If my math is correct and don’t forget it normally isn’t, so far Buffalo has a 3 day total 17.6 inches. Jeesh, isn’t Lake Erie frozen over yet?

I don’t think the rest of us have to worry just yet because we still have about 3 more months of snow left. In other words it is still just the beginning of our snowy season and we all know from past years that one good storm changes everything.

Have a Great Day All 😉

Updated 12/15 8:30 PM – Hold the press!  That was a short lived lead for Syracuse.  The last update from NOAA shows that Buffalo has taken the lead by 1 snowflake or a tenth of an inch.  Really, it’s Buffalo on top, for a little while anyways but it’s nice to see them in the top spot.  There is a good chance that come morning there may be another lead change for the fact that Rochester wasn’t showing any new stats for whatever reason.  Stay Tuned and WTG Buffalo.  Could this be their season that they take the trophy?

Updated 12/15 10:00 AM – Syracuse has taken the lead from The Roc who is now tied with Buffalo for second.  It’s Syracuse on the top of the snow hill but only by an inch.  I’m loving how 4 of the Golden Snowball cities are keeping up with each other and keeping it close so far this season :)

When I was doing this update I was actually pulling for Buffalo believe it or not because it seems like it’s been quite awhile since they have been able to hold onto the lead.  All is pretty quiet right now and we’ll see what the later day update has to show as far as snow totals go.



First off sorry about the lack of updates the last couple of days.  I’ve been still moving and didn’t have internet access other then the local library and time is limited there so I had to work on some of my other sites that pay the bills.  Also a Thanks to someone who donated to the website but didn’t want her name listed.  I do appreciate the kindness and your donation.  Thank You :)

OK, I received an email that I can’t find now but I think it was from maybe Dave pointing out that Buffalo jumped ahead of Syracuse.  I’m not sure if they will be ahead come morning but they are up a couple of flakes right now..  Thanks for the heads up :)

It’s bedtime here for now and I’ll get another update in come tomorrow morning and hopefully a full update also on the National Snow contest.

Rochester is the first city to pick up over an inch of snowfall this season picking up 1.2 inches of snow yesterday.  They have doubled the amount of snowfall over the new 2nd place spot which is held by Buffalo now.  Really, Buffalo is near the top go figure 😉

It seems like forever ago that Buffalo was near the top of our snow contest with the last couple of years being pretty wimpy winters for them.  They had their first snowfall of the 2013 – 2014 snow season yesterday picking up 0.7 of an inch.  Binghamton also had their first snowfall showing 0.2 inches of snow for yesterday which was just enough to put them in a tie with Syracuse, last seasons champ.  Nothing to show for Albany!

This was the first lead change of the new snow season and no doubt it’s game on right now.  I’m thinking there will probably be a lot of lead changes this season and I also have a feeling a few of our cities are going to get hammered this season.  Hammered by snow that is 😉  More updates to come soon.

We also had another lead change in the National snow contest which I believe is the third lead change for the snowiest big city.  You can check out those snow stats at The Golden Snow Globe Site.

Have a Super Awesome Day All and as always, “See Snow, Drive Slow”.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone :)  After your lucky numbers come in feel free to cheer for mine which are 49ers 9 – Ravens 8  or  49ers 4 – Ravens 3  Good Luck to All :)

Finally Buffalo is covered in the white gold and are moving up the snow hill.  Buffalo added 7.8 inches of snow to their totals yesterday moving them into 3rd place and dropping Binghamton down to 4th place now.  Better yet is that Buffalo is just half an inch away from The Rock, currently in 2nd place.  Way To Go Buffalo!!!

Syracuse still holds a pretty decent lead but remember that’s just a storm or two ahead of the other cities.  With a whole lot of winter left ignoring what the over sized rats had to say yesterday the snow contest is far from being over or even a run away yet.

Have an Awesome Day Everyone :)

Updated 4/23 11:00 PM – Well it turned out to be a bust so far for the GSB cities but a couple of records were broken.  Rochester is reporting 2.6 inches breaking the old record of 0.8 set in 1956.  Buffalo tied their date record going all the way back to 1927 with 0.8 inches.  Could be a little bit left in the air but, but ummm, go Rochester :)

Remember it’s not over til the fat man sings and I’m not singing yet.  I do have a pretty good humming going on right now though 😉

Update 4/23 12:30 pm – No new stats to report from NOAA (the National Weather Service) yet.  Just a trace for a couple of the cities as of yesterday.  They will come out a little bit later this afternoon and I’ll update them when NOAA has an update.  Here in Syracuse or at least around my house nothing to report.  Any ideas on snow in Buffalo, Rochester and Maybe Bingo?  Stay tuned :)


With just about 7 days left before the contest ends Rochester might have to worry about this storm that is suppose to hit in the wee hours and go into perhaps Tuesday.  Stop the parade!

So far from what I have been watching Buffalo is looking to gain the most out of this storm.  Depending on how you look at it that is.  The higher elevations should be getting a good dumping of (unfortunetly) the wet heavy white gold.  Chances are Rochester will get enough themselves to hold off this late season charge but it should be interesting.  Syracuse from what I’m hearing anyways, is suppose to get mainly rain and a lot of it. Let’s just hope there isn’t a mess with trees down and power outages.  If you have time drop us a comment as to how things are going in your neck of the woods :)


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Have a GREAT week all and take it easy on the roads,  See Snow – Drive Slow!


Buffalo picked up just enough snow to slip past Binghamton and move into the third place slot on the snow hill.  I think the bigger story is that Rochester continues to add to their lead and now are 10 inches + over second place Syracuse.

Rochester is showing 3.8 inches of snow for yesterday while Buffalo is reporting 3.3 inches of the fluffy white stuff.  Still a lot of time to go but with the way this winter has gone so far that 10 inch lead is looking pretty good right now :)  I’m sure Lake Erie is still wide open so Buffalo still has it’s snow machine ready to crank out some lake effect.

I think any of the Golden Snowball cities still have a shot at the trophy this season.  OK, Albany don’t really count :)  Any thoughts on which city you think will win it this season???

Have a Great Day All!

Buffalo has officially started their snow season now picking up 0.4 inches of snow.  Just enough to slip past Rochester and send them to the bottom of the snow hill.  Right around this time last season we started to get pounded with non stop snow :)  Can it happen again?

Check out the snow stats above and you will see the big jump in the snowfall totals for this time last year.  Right now all of the Goldensnowball cities other than Albany are way behind last seasons snow totals.  Cold air has finally moved into the area and with that hopefully the ground will have a nice, fresh blanket of white glimmering in the next couple of days.

The big 3 from New York are way at the bottom of the national snow contest for the 2011 – 2012 snow season.  That started up a few weeks ago and we all will have some catching up to do in that snow contest.  You can check out the Golden Snow Globe contest here.

I’m sure the sledders and ski slopes are hoping the cold sticks around for awhile.  No doubt with the warm November we all had the lakes have to be pretty warm compared to normal.  I can now say that I am ready for a couple of nice lake effect snow events and I’m sure the snow lovers are also.  Bring it On!

See Snow – Drive Slow!  Have a super day all!

Just wanted to give a heads up that we updated the cities in the national snow race over at the Golden Snow Globe site. One of the leaders right now was second from last, last season. It should be another fun snow contest this winter.

Buffalo continues to add to their snow totals and it looks like they are just missing out on the really heavy stuff. Either way I’m jealous of what they are getting. Hey, were any of you stuck in that weather around the Buffalo area yesterday? Hopefully not looking at the video on CNN, the Weather Channel and other national news not to mention local.

LATE NIGHT – The stats are posted and are now official. Buffalo has the first lead change of the season bumping Binghamton down to second place. Go Buffalo!!!

Earlier – The General (from Buffalo) and ZR800 (Rochester) both reported that the snow was falling this morning and it’s about time that both of those cities finally get on the snow board. WTG!

Buffalo is doing it in style by most likely jumping right into the lead for the first time this season. After reading around it’s looking like they have started their snow season on December 1st with 5.8 inches of snow. That’s what it is looking like according to some unofficial stats that NOAA does have up. The official stats should be out later. Most likely Buffalo will also be in the top 10 in the new contest of snowiest cities in the US. That is at least until I find all of the snow stats for the US cities with a population of 100,000 or more.

Rochester it looks like will be on the snow board when the official stats come out later also. 1.6 inches which is enough for them to pass Syracuse I believe and take over the 3rd place spot. Both Buffalo and Rochester stats were as of 7:00 am this morning so the snow stats may go up if any other snow fell since then.

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Binghamton along with DaCuse probably have nothing to show but maybe a trace to a couple of tenths of snow. The snow was all around here but I think it may have stayed a bit further to the north and west of both cities. Look for the official totals a little later.

Steven put out another forecast for a couple of areas on the new site at goldensnowglobe.com. He did a great job IMO with his first snow cast only missing by one city which was Bingo. Check it out at http://goldensnowglobe.com/category/us-snow-forecast/ It’s pretty interesting as to how he is doing it.

Have a Great Day Everyone!