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Buffalo keeps piling on the snow and now has a pretty decent lead over the rest of the Golden Snowball cities. Buffalo has almost a foot of snow more than Syracuse who is currently in second place in the snow contest.

I think the big news is that as of yesterday 1/8/14 Buffalo has had more snow this early in the season than ALL of last season. Buffalos”(?) current snow total as of yesterday is 62.9 inches. Buffalo only received 58.8 inches of snow for the entire 2012-2013 snow season. WTG Buffalo 😉

Buffalo also set a date record with 7.6 inches of snowfall beating the old record of 6.6 inches dating all the way back to 1942. If my math is correct and don’t forget it normally isn’t, so far Buffalo has a 3 day total 17.6 inches. Jeesh, isn’t Lake Erie frozen over yet?

I don’t think the rest of us have to worry just yet because we still have about 3 more months of snow left. In other words it is still just the beginning of our snowy season and we all know from past years that one good storm changes everything.

Have a Great Day All 😉

Buffalo has taken the lead in the Golden Snowball contest and did it in style picking up 7 inches of snowfall.  I was hearing about the blizzard warnings that were issued for the Buffalo area and was wondering what the new totals would be.  Way to go Buffalo and keep it going or is that keep it snowing 😉

Buffalo is now only 3.6 inches away from having more snow so far this season than all of last season which was 58.8 inches.

Buffalo’s 7 inches of snow yesterday just missed setting a date record which is 7.3 inches set back in 1963.  I was reading about the high winds, blizzard conditions and the highway being closed by the governor so no doubt it had to have been pretty nasty to the west,  The same is going on and has been to the north of Syracuse,

The chances are that Buffalo will most likely move up in the National Snow contest also.  Depending on what Grand Rapids has to report Buffalo may move into second place in that snow contest.  Give me a little bit of time and I’ll get a top 10 update done at the National Snow Contest the Golden Snow Globe site.

Have an Awesome Day All :)

Buffalo has once again moved into the second place slot on the Golden Snowball snow hill.  I’m really liking that Buffalo has decided to join in on the snowball fight this season with the rest of the GSB cities.  Syracuse still holds onto the top spot on the snow hill but they (I know, not a person – Sorry Teacher David, I am reading your emails though and learning 😉 ) better not get too comfortable up there because I don’t think it will last too much longer.

Buffalo is also closing in on their snow totals for all of last season (2012-2013) which was only 58.8 inches of snow.  Buffalo only needs a little more than 10 inches to surpass last seasons totals.  Go Buffalo!!!

All of the Golden Snowball cities are ahead of last seasons snow totals for this time in the season and all of the cities are also ahead of their average snowfall for this time in the season.  Syracuse is barely ahead though while the rest of the cities are crushing their normal.  Albany has even showed up for the snowball fight this season and is just a coastal storm or two away from taking the top spot.

I’m also loving how close the contest still is now that we are into January.  Less than 6 inches of snow separates four of the cities which are Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester and Binghamton.  Keep an eye on Binghamton because they seem to be picking up snow just about every time any of the other cities get snow.  Stay Tuned and Stay Warm.

Have a Great Day Everyone :)