3 comments on “A Song Stuck in My Head

  1. I think most of us got lucky with this storm. WeatherT called it pretty good with a lot of it being rain for longer than some of us might of expected. I know several more inches of that heavy snow would of caused a lot more problems than there was. April Agitation is a good phase for our weather 😉

    I always crank the heat up Jill if a storm is approaching that Can knock out the power and yup it does get you several more hours of comfort. Hopefully enough in time for the power to come back on. The other thing I do is on hot days with severe thunderstorms around I crank the air conditioning. It doesn’t last as long as the heat would but it helps a little bit.

  2. This weather is nuts. All I’ve been seeing today and yesterday is lots of cold rain and heavy winds. I am so sick of rain – although I’m glad we didn’t get 7.5 inches… yikes! And I’m glad we didn’t get 1.5 feet of snow either… And bummer for everyone who lost power. I can’t remember a year when so many people across the area have lost power so many times during the winter season. ~sigh~ Right now I’d settle for a couple of dry weeks in the 50’s. No, not settle – *wish* for! 😀

    “Crank up the heat…”

    I’ve never heard that before – what a great idea! Does it really work?

  3. Wow, just…wow. Snowstorms in mid-April…you know, with everything recently making the news about global warming, I think you’d have a tough time convincing the people in the northeast. 😉 New York City saw over 7.5 inches of rain yesterday (which would translate to approximately 75 inches of snow!), and we’ve had all rain…though it is currently mixing with a few snowflakes, and it is blowing! Makes it hard for umbrellas with the winds, and even hoods at some times. March Madness? Try April Agitation!

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