3 comments on “Spring Nor Easter Heading Our Way

  1. Thanks General! I never knew that snow storms were rated like that… but I think that they could give it a better name. Something scarier sounding. Maybe something like ‘Snow Burial Factor’ or ‘Snow/Ice Grip of Death Rating’. Just my opinion :)

    And I agree about getting out in the garden. I’ve been itching to start getting the beds ready since that nice day we had a couple of weeks ago. If this weather keeps up, I just might end up building an ark instead :( This is getting ridiculous already.

  2. Flake Rating is what the Buffalo NWS rates a lake storm. Just like hurricanes and tornados on a 1-5 scale based on the severity of the event. Not as much destruction as the other two (well this year’s first storm excluded) the rating is based on how much snow fell, the impact to the area, and is rather subjective to the opinion of the NWS. Just a way to compare one storm to another in what it did.

    And seriously, weren’t they saying 2007 could be the warmest year on record? What happened? As much as I want some snow from this nor’easter, I want things to warm up and dry out so I can start my veggie garden. This time last year I think I was already out tilling and getting it setup.

  3. What the heck is ‘Flake Rating’???
    Are snowflakes graded by size and weight or something? If it pays good, I want that job!

    It’s April 15 and 36 degrees outside. Please talk to us about global warming. Please. 😛

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