8 comments on “And The Golden Snowball Award Goes To – Syracuse

  1. ZR, thanks for the heads up :) I've been keeping an eye on things kind of. I think there may have been one other year where Albany started it up but I'm not sure. Bingo is good at getting things started.

    To Anon one, I'll try to remember to give your site a plug.

    Anon 2, thanks and I agree with you 😉

    Judy, no doubt Mexico and Redfield would more than measure up in snow totals and then some. I say that with respect to all of the smaller cities and towns that get pounded every winter :)

    Jill, thanks for being part of the contest every season.

  2. PAT!!!!!! Albany is going to be on the board today!!! Might be the only time all year they are in 1st place, and the only ones on the board! Better start the 2010-2011 stats!

  3. I would love to see how Mexico or Redfield, NY measure up. Smaller towns upstate. The logistics would make this difficult. Thanks for the work.

  4. As a true Central New Yorker, I can't imagine a year without tons of snow. Don't like driving in it anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't embrace it.

    There are 4 seasons here in the NE, and Syracuse needs to wake up and play on our abundant snow.

    Thanks for the site, I watched avidly for 2plus years now.

  5. Thanks for the Golden Snowball tracking service! It helps me know where to go, and sometimes gives us folks in Rochester something to lord over the other (loser!) cities. I have used your data in the newsletter for the Rochester Nordic Ski Club (www.rochesternordic.org) to help remind the crosscountry skiers what a great year we really had!

  6. Thanks Patrick, conrats to Syracuse again.

    Gracefully accepting the silver…ZR800

  7. Oops – I meant 'Golden Snow *Globe*' contest… If I only learned to proof read better ~sigh~ :(

  8. It definitely was an interesting winter season to watch this past year, that's for sure :)

    Thanks Patrick for all your hard work – with this contest and the Golden Snowball contest – have a great summer!

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