5 comments on “Are We Ready to Start The Golden Snowball Contest

  1. As much as I enjoy this contest every year – the weather this summer/fall has been so great, I don't want it to end!

    What is so bad about having the blog on Blogger?

  2. Mike and Pam, yeah we had a trace here and there but I tried not to think about it. Still have some outdoor stuff to do :)

    Anon, the stats should be current now. Well as of about 2:00 am anyways.

    Hey Tom, welcome back! I have a feeling that Albany is going to have an above normal snow season for what it's worth. It seemed like a lot of stuff came up the coast this year and inland at that. JMO of course ; )

  3. Welcome back Patrick, been waiting for you to start blogging. Figured the snow flakes last week likely spurred some interest to crank up the contest. Hope all is well in your world. This is hey y'all from North Kakilacki.

    Cousins Mike and Pam, Ben and Michael, Otto and 'Melo.

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