4 comments on “Binghamton Ahead by A Snowflake

  1. Rochester got 6.2 inches yesterday puts them way in the lead by over 2 inches, Buffalo got .3 inches and BGM got 2 inches so Rochester takes the lead!!!

  2. I think it's Buffalo again…. I've been watching the radars most of the night.

    Here's what I wonder… there's a mess coming from Buffalo slowly moving north. Is Oswego gonna get more? :)

  3. Anon, it looks like you have been getting some decent snow in the last few hours??? Not much in Syracuse but it looks like Buffalo is getting some and it looks like Bingo has a decent snow band over them right now. Should be interesting to see who is in first when it stops snowing :)

  4. National Weather Service says the band is supposed to drop down over us in Rochester during the rush hour commute, 3-5 in the most persistent bands. Here comes Number One!

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