11 comments on “Rochester Skates to Their First Lead of The Snow Season

  1. It was like Goose Down… was a perfect description NYCO. It was pretty to see and enough to make everything bright and clean looking again. Loving it and hope it lasts through Christmas at least :)

  2. Oh but we saw some lovely lake effect in Syracuse this morning! So fluffy, it was like goose down…

  3. That is a great link Patrick! At the end of the season it's going to be a lot of fun seeing all the weeks together – thanks for sharing :)

  4. Anon, We forgot what snow looks like in Syracuse :( Could be the Rocks year to dethrone DaCuse 😉

    ZR, sounds like the white knuckle driving. My daughter graduates from Oswego tomorrow so I'll at least get to see some snowbanks. Hopefully no snow on the roads though. I'm going to try to do an update on the national contest today. It should be interesting. Jeesh, the Rock has us by a foot of snow.

    Jill, no need for screen shots. Here is my secret cheat sheet. Shhh, don't tell anyone 😉


  5. Someone should be keeping screen shots of the leader board every time it changes – we may never see the list in the orders we've seen so far this year ever again!

  6. Yeah, you need to get the Global stats updated, who nows how many chances ROC has to make the list!

  7. I saw it all yesterday. Trip from Rochester to Jefferson County and back. Lots of snow on 81 heading up in the am, and lots of snow on 90 heading back at night. Long day. Glad to see ROC on top!

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