6 comments on “Breaking News about The General

  1. Hmmm General!!! Wearing an SI shirt and fishing in Rochester??? Was that after breakfast in Binghamton :p As for the fish you were holding, please tell me that was bait you were using to fish with, lol.

    As for snow it looks like this could be the week that the snow machine really gets going doesn’t it? Although we haven’t had a lot of snow so far this season it has snowed more days than last year for most of the cities.

    As for Walmart, not that anyone shops through here but if someone does it can at least maybe pay for the web hosting. 3 kids in college now :)

    We all look forward to your witty, knowledgeable posts Steve and hopefully some white motivation is right around the corner. Good Luck this year in TQ’s contest. If I can find the time I might get into it myself.

  2. You are one little bugger patrick. Of course you post a picture of me not only wearing a syracuse shirt, but you find me holding a little dinky fish.

    1. I wear the SU shirt not to support Syracuse, but because it is the only the shirt in my closet I don’t mind getting dirty and covered in fish guts…

    2. I was fishing the eastern bank of the genny, which technically puts me in Rochester country and out of the eyes of watchful Buffalo.

    3. Where in the hell is all the dang snow???

    4. Thanks for reminding me about the newx contest, the rookie of the year last season almost forgot to enter.

    5. No more shamless walmart plugs… PLEASE!

    6. I’ll be posting something soon enough, maybe some fun weather can intice me!

  3. No problem TQ. The bill is in the mail ;p I’m joking of course. I added two links to your site in my post but for some reason it didn’t take. I’ll see what the problem is and fix it now.

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