2 comments on “The Snowman is a Sissy Man

  1. Jill, I’ve been a little warmer also since that last post. I was out raking yesterday and actually enjoyed the day outside. Snow wise I keep hearing reports of maybe some good snowfall this week. It will be interesting to see if it pans out or not.

    I did finally get a chance last week to read up on Geocashing and it sounds like it would be a good time even if it’s just getting out in nature but to find a little treasure or note that was hidden would make it even more fun. Unfortunately with my back I don’t know how far I would get hiking but but I do love getting out in the middle of nature. One of the reasons I love to camp a couple of times a year.

  2. I thought it was just me! I had the same problem for the past few days of being cold all the way down to my bones. Fortunately I seem to feel back to normal now. Maybe there was just something in the air?

    As for the snow… I noticed the other day that while there was no snow at the airport, we got a couple of inches in Lockport and north. We are getting snow, just not where it counts 😛

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