5 comments on “Buffalo and Rochester Hit Season Snow Totals

  1. I like to listen to my Lionel Richie box set while watching the snowfall. The best time for this activity is Sunday mornings in the afternoon.

  2. You may stick any additional snowfall (lake effect or otherwise) in your ear. By now I am sick and tired of it all. Come on Spring, come on Summer.

  3. LOL @ global warming. We have always had lake effect here, always. What is funny is that you global warming hippies could not be honest claiming things would warm up, now saying it will get cold first. If we get a few rainy years you would blame that too. Regardles of weather you call it warming. Might try looking at the patterns of cold, warm and precipitation since records were started. I guess all these swings were global warning; hot, cold, wet, dry whatever so it works for you.

  4. At one point, around New Year’s Day, it looked like Rochester was easily heading for a Top 10 winter for snowfall, and I was thinking 130-140″ was a piece of cake. Looking at the forecast over the next 2 weeks, I’m wondering if 110″ might be more realistic. We usually get 1 big storm in the first half of March, but I think that the storm from earlier in this week was that storm.

  5. It isn’t surprising that 5 of the top 15 snowiest winters on record have come in the last 10 years. It’s global warming, man. The warmer temperatures throughout the year keep the water on the Great Lakes from freezing, giving rise to more lake effect snow throughout the whole winter.

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