8 comments on “Syracuse Sledding Toward a Top 10 Snow Season

  1. Brian, thanks for that link with the top 15 snow seasons. it’s appreciated :) The Post Standard and Syracuse.com has always come up with some great stuff on our winters not to mention how supportive you are and more important the part that both play in keeping the Golden Snowball contest interesting.

    I keep saying I’m going to put all of the cities snow stats from http://www.goldensnowball.com/yearly-winners-golden-award.htm into a spreadsheet or something so that it can be sorted but haven’t gotten around to it yet :(

    Brenda, I agree and thanks again to who suggested the idea. It’s nice to see where we stand compared to some of the record snow seasons. That said this last storm that almost was but ended up being a near miss might have put Syracuse on path for the record. Of course there is still a lot of March left 😉

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for posting the season records. I love having that information there.


  3. Mike and Pam,

    It’s nice to see Tiger back on the course. Of course he got spanked today but Tim Clark played pretty good to beat him. No doubt he’ll be back in full force before we know it.

    I was just thinking the other day that within the next week or so some of the robins should be popping up here and there. It’s nice to know they are headed this way. Hey, I almost made it downtown when you guys were here and meeting at Barbie’s husbands bar but it just never panned out. Aunt Nancy said you all had a lot of fun. Maybe next time! We do St Patty’s Day downtown every year and we have them on our stop list for this year 😉

  4. Cousin Patrick,
    thanks for expanding the stats, helps recall our past winters in New York with their big storms dropping many inches – 1967, 1977, 1978, 1992, 1993, 1994. Tug hill plateau stats would also be impressive. The NC grass is growing and the return of Tiger has spurred much interest with getting the clubs out early. Robins were passing thru earlier this week, along with geese, so Spring is eventual in Central New York. Y’all take care, Pam and Mike

  5. Josh, thanks for the link. One of the reasons I like Syracuse.com is because several of them are always into the contest and our snow amounts. I think 6 – 8 is a good bet. Hopefully March will come in like a Lion 😉

    SilverCat, consider it done and good idea. I have to run out in a bit for the night so I’ll try and make the chart a little prettier when I have some time :)

  6. Josh, thanks for posting that link. I’ll be reading the paper later and see the graph. Unfortunately, Syracuse.com often falls short with including graphs, photos, etc. that accompany the print articles.

    Patrick, any chance down the road of you incorporating in your chart the season record snowfall stats for the five cities? It would be great to have that info readily available for comparison with current year.


  7. Patrick,

    If you check out the front page of the Post-Standard, there is an article on the top of the fold about this, with a nice graphic showing the top 15 snowfalls (since 1950). We're currently #12 and are just a slight dusting from #11. I predict we'll fall within #6-#8.

    It'd be nice to get in the top five (and the long sought after #1), especially since I'm moving later this year to an area that receives an average annual snowfall of 32 inches.

    Here's the article, although the graphic is unfortunately missing:


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