6 comments on “Buffalo and Rochester Need to Make a Move

  1. Trouble Maker )p I’m kidding of course. Something just might be in the works though NYCO. The big question is do I want to dive in head first or feet first if I do it. Something you and Sean have always wanted 😉

  2. Expand the League! Expand the League! Expand the League!

    (I’m trying to get a chant started here.)

  3. Anon, First thanks for the blog being cool comment and for posting 😉 I’ll answer your comment on the main blog because you do bring up some good points. As for being obsessed with Buffalo which it times it may sound that way, I’m not. They are one of the Big 3 that in reality have a shot at knocking down Syracuse from the king of the snow hill. My prayers would be directed at Rochester for the fact that I picked them to win this season 😉

    Sean, nice to hear from you as always. First things first though. Don’t think that I have blown you blog and forum off this season. I’ve probably made about 7 – 10 posts there this season and for whatever reason they just aren’t getting to the post phase. Am I banned :( from Syracuse.com?

    That said I pretty much agree with you about this season probably being a push between the loss of snow totals from the Nor Easter’s and some additional snow lake effect snow events. I think a lot of our seasons come the end seem to even out more than people may think. Just my opinion of course 😉 For what it’s worth I measured around 8 inches in the Fremont – Minoa area but that would have been settled snow and wind blown so we were pretty close to what the airport was showing come Saturday morning.

    Josh, I saw earlier that the bands of LES were around Jamesville and further south earlier when I looked. It will be interesting to see if the band(s) can hold together and move further north to give us another blast of snow. Mostly light snow right now in DaCuse area with a blast every now and then.

    As for a seasonal snow record being set time is definitely against us but I’m an optimist. February most likely hurt us and it being a short month isn’t going to help. March has been known to throw in some nice surprises so 35 inches is/can be a reality although I haven’t looked yet to see what the average is for March. April might not be as encouraging so lets hope we can get most of it between now and the end of march.

    That said there is a real possibility of this season at least ranking in the top ten snow seasons though.

  4. Yeah, I definitely didn’t see 9 inches (I live just south of the I-81/I-481 intersection in between Jamesville/Southwood and the Valley). However, we got some last night (and are still getting some), so we’re even further ahead.

    I wonder how we’ll finish out the month? Do you think the season record is within grasp? Is it feasible for Syracuse to get, say, 35 inches in March and 15 in April?

  5. this is one of these times where the northern sections of syracuse definitely got hit harder than the southern parts; i don’t think we got 9 inches in the recent burst, but it all evens out: earlier in the winter, especially with some of the nor’easters, we definitely got more than the count at hancock.


  6. Why are you so obsessed with Buffalo?
    This blog is really cool EXCEPT for the fact that everything that is written seems like a wild prayer for Buffalo to win this contest.
    I say it every year……………….. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!!
    Buffalo geographically cannot get nearly enough lake effect snow. The winds need to be perfect for them to get anywhere near Syracuse’s lake effect. Lake Ontario provides MUCH more lake effect snow to Syracuse than Erie does to Buffalo. The winds are never in the correct direction.
    And a Nor’Easter will only give Syracuse MORE snow. I cannot remember a time when a Nor’Easter gave more snow to Buffalo rather than Syracuse.

    Buffalo is over 40 inches behind.
    IT’S OVER!!!!!!!

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