4 comments on “Buffalo Slips into 2nd Place by A couple of Flakes

  1. Dr. Rick, Baltimore is definitely still in the race :) I'm loving that a few of the cities in the top 10 are ones that we wouldn't have thought even had a chance.

    As for the National above average award you still have Philadelphia, Pa to keep an eye on :)

    ZR, I got your email and haven't forgotten about getting in touch with you. Just some family stuff going on right now :(

  2. Cuse is too much, but wait — Baltimore has the NATIONAL "above average award"… All secured regardless of additional snowfalls this season. Pay up NY State!

    Baltimore/DC is where I'm at these days after 27 years in Buffalo having endured the Blizzard of 1977.

    80 inches so far at BWI airport… We are still in the game…

    Dr. Rick

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