6 comments on “Rochester Still Throwing Snowballs at Buffalo

  1. The D&C claims Rochester has had 71.4 inches of snow for the season, which is a bit more than reported here.

  2. Watch your back Pat, I think ROC & BUF are going to close the gap on you pretty good over the next 72 hours.

  3. Not sure who has been following the reports of this storm, but it's gonna be a whopper for all the GSB cities. The NWS winter storm watch says that the Interstate 90 corridor between Buffalo and Rochester could see upwards of a foot of snow, while saying the southern tier and eastern ends of the lake could see upwards of a foot. Could this be the winter storm Rochester and Buffalo need to catch up to Cuse? IDK, but GO ROCK!!!

  4. Looks like the snow gods are again blessing the region this week. Interesting to see that you're right on average Patrick. We're due for a dusting in Carolina, which is totally unacceptable, may have to move further south. Enjoy the storm Cousin. The robins are here and moving on north. And yes, we're already swingin' clubs my friend. Sayin' hey y'all from down south – Cousins Pam and Mike.

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