One comment on “Buffalo Snow Dance & Blizzard Week in Buffalo

  1. General, your really scaring me doing that dance before the high winds come through :( I’m delaying mine by a day just to be safe. You know the sissy man I am when it comes to wind 😉 You might be able to pull some LES your way though now that you dance has been done.

    I love that video and one of these days I’ll have to break down and get the autographed copy from Ernie Rossi. I see he likes your preview also, it’s posted on his site now :). I still love the part where the broadcaster puts his foot in his mouth about panicking and then tries to recover a bit..

    He says something like “If you let yourself panick there’s a chance you could get killed out there”. Then catches himself sort of and says “umm, and I don’t want to make you panick but that’s the truth” . I think right about then I would have changed the station. It is an awesome video with great pictures!!!

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