2 comments on “HOLD ONTO YOU HATS TODAY!

  1. Mike, you might want to consider your snow stats. They will definitely be changing. The GSB snow dance will be taking place sometime really soon 😉 BTW, I spread the snow around to all the cities. Well excluding Buffalo of course, lol.

  2. o man the buffalo snow dance worked. they got several inches today and they will probably be the big winners for fridays storm.General, next time you do a snow dance do it for all of CNY…you can still make buffalo be the big winner, but share the wealth a little. it looks like fridays storm will be mostly ice in Albany with a 70/30 ice to snow split in binghamton and syracuse, probably 50/50 in the rock, and probably 20/80 in buffalo; that is the 1st number is percent of precip that is going to be ice and 2nd number percent that will be snow. so id go .5 inches of snow in Albany, 5 inches in bingo, 6 inches in syracuse, 9 inches in rochester and maybe 12 or more for buffalo. these are preliminary numbers and are subject to change.

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