december snow records

12/16 11:30 am – I just got through shoveling about 5 inches of snow, 2 inches of it was probably already reported leaving about 3 more inches so no doubt Syracuse has to be right around the all time record snowfall for December. Quiet right now though. Anything new going on in Rochester?


Updated 10:45 PM – NOAA just put out some new stats for Syracuse. They are showing 64.9 inches of snow for December making this the second snowiest December on record. The old record was 64.6 set in 1989. They now need another 5.5 inches for this to be the snowiest December on record.


Both Rochester and Syracuse are closing in on their all time snowiest Decembers on record. I’ll have to look around more to see what Binghamton’s record is. Monthly snow records have always impressed me since I took over as the stat keeper of the Golden Snowball contest. I think for the fact that they are pretty hard to break and everything has to fall into place just right.

Well that seems to be happening right now for Syracuse and Rochester. There is no doubt in my mind that Rochester will break their December snowfall totals. Rochester’s December snowfall totals as of 4:PM today, 12/15 were at 43.0 inches. Leaving them just another 3.3 inches of snow left to break the old record set in 2008 according to The Democrat and Chronicle out of Rochester. Will tomorrow be the day for The Rock???

As for Syracuse they are sitting at 59.4 inches as of 5 PM today 12/15 and at least another 3 inches has fallen since. Right now according to Meteorologist Peter Hall at the record for December snowfall is 70.3 dating back to 2000. Right now Syracuse has had their 3rd snowiest December and most likely come morning or later tonight will be at the 2nd snowiest Dec. on record if the stats are right. Again, no doubt in my mind Syracuse will break the record. Stay Tuned and have a great night :)