6 comments on “Rochester and Syracuse Sliding Toward December Snow Records

  1. Back at ya ZR, Rochester is having a great month too :) To think we have 15 more days to go in the month.

    Now we need the Buffalo snow to start hitting the right place.

  2. I agree about the back wind snow Danielle and that only happened a couple times tonight :) Other than my bad back, sore right elbow and whatever else is wrong with my body, I love it, keep it coming, will it please %^$^%# stop :)

  3. O.K. I was with you until you said you love shoveling snow when the windchill is zero. I like snow and I don't mind shoveling it, until Mother Nature blows it back in my face and down my neck.

  4. Ha, ha to the video. It wasn't too bad until I said it has to be cold to snow, lmao, Duh. We normally don't have much trouble with flooding in the spring time. We just had probably close to an inch of rain this weekend on top of the 4 feet of snow and it wasn't a problem :)

    We do chuckle at the way some of the cities shut right down with an inch or two. FWIW I just got through shoveling over a foot of snow with a wind chill of probably zero degrees. Loving every minute of it too :))

  5. Hey Patrick,
    I found the movie interview with Sean Kirst – you rock dude! We have moved off the laughing stage for all you hearty Upstate New Yorkers who embrace the snow wonderland and on to wondering what your Spring floods are going to be like in East Syracuse at this rate. Records are made to be broken and DaCuse is on a serious roll. If it helps your cause Patrick, we down here in Central North Kakilacki are getting a morning wintry mix that will stop life around here for at least the morning as everything is now closed or delayed in the morning. Hope that makes y'all chuckle.
    Batten down your hatches Patrick,
    Cousins Pam and Mike

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