You’ve probably seen or heard of the movie Mr Smith Goes to Washington.  Well Tuesday was a reverse when “Andrea From Washington Came to Syracuse”.  Andrea, who I’ll call Snowless in Washington, is a writer for the Washington Post in Washington, DC who was on a quest to find snow and to hopefully build a snowman. 

She contacted me and a couple others to see if I had any ideas as to where she should begin and said she was going to head toward Binghamton.  So I think and then think some more.  Here I am just outside of a city that is suppose to be one of, if not the snowiest Big city in the country and I couldn’t say come to Syracuse we have tons of the white fluffy gold just laying around.  No, I had to say to Snowless that maybe Fulton or the Tug Hill region may have some.  Yes, it was hard to say Fulton and even embarrassing but I said it. I figured with the snow they got last weekend that there still had to be some leftovers laying around somewhere to the north of Da’Cuse.

In the mean time I noticed that there was a little snow pile in one of the parking lots by my house.  I thought if worst comes to worst I could always take Snowless to one of the bigger parking lots in Syracuse like at one of the malls.  I put a call into Sean Kirst to see if he knew of any snow or even snow banks around in the Syracuse area or around the Clinton Square ice rink.  He told me to hold on while he looked out the window for a look at the ice rink.  I was happy to hear Sean say that there was a small snow pile right next to the rink.  So that was plan A for me but I had to run it by Snowless to see if that was something she could use.  She said she would meet me on Tuesday morning and we would drive around and check it out and then head up to Fulton for some real snow on the ground.

I’m still shaking my head for the fact that here it is a third of the way into February and in all of the Golden Snowball cities no Freaking snow to show off :(  Anyways, Snowless came to my house around noon and off we went on the quest to find snow and build a snowman.  Snowless (Andrea) did write a cool and fun article about her search for snow and she tells the story a lot better than I can.  You can check out the article Here at the Washington Post.

Thanks for a fun day Andrea and if there is a next time I’ll teach ya how to build a snowman 😉


It’s finally snowing again in the Golden Snowball cities and there was some sliding around in the line-up.  Rochester jumped into 2nd place and Buffalo managed to move into 3rd dropping Binghamton all the way down to 4th place.  Not a whole lot of snow but from what we have seen so far this winter season it’s enough to keep this contest close and the Golden Snowball trophy up for grabs still.

Yesterdays snow stats show:

Albany –  0.2
Syracuse – 0.6
Binghamton –  0.9
Buffalo – 3.5
Rochester – 5.0 inches of snow.

Rochester was the big winner but it’s still snowing in some of the cities and should be interesting to see which city gets the most through tonight and if they can overtake Syracuse for the top spot on the snow hill.  Updates as they come in.

Have a great week all :)

Here is a heads up for anyone interested in learning more about being a weather spotter for the National Weather Service.  It sounds like a good two hour training course for anyone and any age to learn about how to measure snow, report it to NOAA and other weather related stuff.  Right now I report snow totals like so.  If  the snow covers my foot we got 3 inches, up to my ankle maybe 4 inches to the knee about 15 inches fell :)  Of course that’s not the right way to do it so I will be attending the class to learn whatever they have to offer.  Here is more info about the class taken from!/event.php?eid=306464272699880 and they do want you to pre-register:

Monday, November 21 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm

East Syracuse-Minoa High School

6400 Fremont Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057

Created By

More Info
The National Weather Service in Binghamton, NY will be holding a Winter SKYWARN training class (weather spotters) on November 21st from 7 to 9 pm at the East Syracuse-Minoa High School auditorium. This class is for beginners or anybody that has a general interest in weather. The class is free and open to everyone (no age requirements or previous training). We cover the basics of winter weather hazards, winter weather terminology, etc., while training you on how to report winter weather to the National Weather Service.

We have a limited number of seats so please register if you plan on attending. To register or if your have questions please respond via email to When registering we need your name, number of attending, city/village you live in, phone number, and how you found out about the class.

Hope to see ya’s there :)