4 comments on “Both of Our Snow Contests Mentioned

  1. I'm one of those 1400 hits per day who check out the Golden Snowball stats. As a former Syracusan now living in Cincinnati, where a MAJOR snowstorm is 2"-4", it's fun to see what I'm missing. The Snowglobe contest is a nice addition.


  2. Jill, thanks but remember this site is all of ours. It's the people like you that make this all the more fun 😉

    Sean, will ya stop looking for other cities. Jeesh, now I have to research some more 😉

    I'm kidding of course and may have to get the Colorado # from you. There are a couple of other cities that I still haven't found the stats for. As for Colorado they scare me for the fact that one good storm like the couple they already had earlier in the season and they shoot way ahead again.

    Thanks again for the article Sean and you know it's your articles that keeps this fun snow contest going 😉 Now we have to get the Mayor into the fun.

  3. looks like boulder is a new contender, doesn't it? but the meteorolgist in colorado told me boulder is already into what, for that city, is a high amount of snow … be interesting to see how it totals out in march.


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