syracuse snow plowing

Syracuse hasn’t been able to have an inch at a time fall this season . That is up until yesterday when 1.1 inches of snow fell. The second longest snow less streak on record.

I think the last time Syracuse seen and inch of snow was on February 27th. According to Sean Kirst at . Last season we sled past the old record going 287 days without an inch. This season Syracuse went 280 days I believe without an inch of snow falling in a day. Syracuse better be careful because we may just lose our Farmers Almanac’s #1 ranking for the worst winter city in the US
That said it’s been snowing off and on all day and at least 3 inches so far in my neck of the woods. Right now Onondaga and Madison county are under a Lake Effect snow warning until 7am so get up a little early tomorrow to clean off the cars and the driveways. I was watching th radar off and on today and it looked like Rochester was under a good snowband.

Anyone have any info on what’s going on in the other GSB cities?

I figured that seeing how quite a few visitors end up here searching for snow plowing I would add a section for blowing businesses. This way someone looking for snow plowing can hook up with someone in their area. So if you do plowing in the winter send the info to me at comments @ goldensnowball . com (leave the spaces out) and I’ll list it here.

Snow Plowing by The Other Side
Snow Plows in the North Syracuse, Liverpool, Eastwood, East Syracuse, NY and North Side Area
Contact Dean at the number below
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You can send your contact information and the areas that your willing to plow for people, along with cost or free estimates. If you want you can send a logo or business card in picture format and we’ll post that. This is just for the Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester, Binghamton and Albany areas. Oh, and the cost of a listing here at GSB is free by the way only for snow plowing though. Big bucks if you want to advertise here for something else 😉