Could Least Snowiest Records Be Broken

I don’t think it’s going to happen but….  Looking at some of the cities least snowiest seasons there is a chance that some of the Golden Snowball cities just may break their records.  Keep in mind that there is still a lot of time left in the snow season but with the lack of snow this season it is still possible.

I know Albany won’t break their record.  Just a good gust of wind should blow enough snow over from Syracuse to put them over their pitiful record of 13.8 inches :)   As for the other cities though you would have to think that it’s possible.  All 4 of the cities have less than half of their least snowiest season on record.  Steve Madsen who resides in Buffalo AKA – the General ;)   Syracuse & Binghamton dates back to 1951 – 52 season.

Min – 13.8 inches ( 1912 – 1913 )

Min – 47.8 inches ( 1988 – 1989 )

Min  -  22.4 (1889-1890)

Min  -  29.2  (1932-1933)

Min – 59.4 inches ( 2001 – 2002 )

Then on another note, the snow contest is still wide open to any of the 5 Goldensnowball cities.  Yup, even Albany has a real chance right now of winning the Golden Snowball trophy which would be the first time ever for them.  I think if that happens then Stephen or Sean Kirst should shave their head :)   In my opinion it’s not looking good for Syracuse right now and this could be the season they go down.  One or two good storms could plow any of the cities way past the others.  Good Luck to all of the GSB cities and hopefully the Snow Gods will bless you with some snow soon ;)

Right now in the National snowfall contest at the Golden Snow Globe site the big 3 from NY are getting their butts kicked :(   Anchorage, AK continues to add to their totals and at last update they were about 65 inches ahead of Syracuse.  I think one of the big 3 will need quite a few storms to catch up but it will be interesting to watch.  I’ll try and update those stats in the next couple of days.

Have a Great Day All and let’s hope this next round of snow due anytime now drops more than they are forecasting :)

5 thoughts on “Could Least Snowiest Records Be Broken

  1. Wow, I’m surprised that Binghamton’s least snowiest is so high, especially when compared to Buffalo or Rochester which have relatively higher annual averages.

    • Michael, Syracuse and Binghamtons snow stats that I have listed only go back to the 50′s. My guess is that their all time low snow could be less than that. I still need to check with NOAA to see what the least amnt of snow would be for all of the cities at their current locations.

      • Gotcha thanks! I grew up between Binghamton and Ithaca. I live in Indiana now and we are at 1 stinkin’ inch for the season, lame!

  2. Hey Stephen,

    Yes right now it does kind of seem like Anchorage is doing a repeat of Syracuse. I think they may be shut down right now though. If it lasts there is still plenty of time IMO for another city to over take them :)

    As for what I mentioned about the cities breaking their least snowiest records, I mentioned that before I did a little more research. When I first posted that I had different numbers. The stats from our stats page which has their lows a lot higher. I looked around and came up with some other stats for the cities that dated back further. That said I don’t know where the meaasurements are from though. If they are from where they measure now or at another location. I’ll contact NOAA to see if they know. I’m sure they will have that info.

    Whacha got in mind besides shaving your head, lol :)

  3. A couple of thoughts:

    I think Buffalo is a little too close to their least snowiest season for them to possibly break it. But still, Binghamton, Rochester and Syracuse do have the potential. Do I think it’ll happen? No. But then again, I didn’t think the leader would be at just over 2 feet at this point either.

    I agree that if Albany wins (whether it’s this year or sometime in the future) that I should do something, but I don’t think it’s shaving my head, haha. I have an idea floating around that I’ll have to contact you with at some point.

    Finally, doesn’t it seem like Anchorage is last year’s Syracuse the way they’ve been getting blasted with snow this season? I might have to do a post on GSG this weekend comparing Anchorage 2011-12 to Syracuse 2010-11. Could be fun and/or interesting.