I don’t think it’s going to happen but….  Looking at some of the cities least snowiest seasons there is a chance that some of the Golden Snowball cities just may break their records.  Keep in mind that there is still a lot of time left in the snow season but with the lack of snow this season it is still possible.

I know Albany won’t break their record.  Just a good gust of wind should blow enough snow over from Syracuse to put them over their pitiful record of 13.8 inches :)  As for the other cities though you would have to think that it’s possible.  All 4 of the cities have less than half of their least snowiest season on record.  Steve Madsen who resides in Buffalo AKA – the General 😉  Syracuse & Binghamton dates back to 1951 – 52 season.

Min – 13.8 inches ( 1912 – 1913 )

Min – 47.8 inches ( 1988 – 1989 )

Min  –  22.4 (1889-1890)

Min  –  29.2  (1932-1933)

Min – 59.4 inches ( 2001 – 2002 )

Then on another note, the snow contest is still wide open to any of the 5 Goldensnowball cities.  Yup, even Albany has a real chance right now of winning the Golden Snowball trophy which would be the first time ever for them.  I think if that happens then Stephen or Sean Kirst should shave their head :)  In my opinion it’s not looking good for Syracuse right now and this could be the season they go down.  One or two good storms could plow any of the cities way past the others.  Good Luck to all of the GSB cities and hopefully the Snow Gods will bless you with some snow soon 😉

Right now in the National snowfall contest at the Golden Snow Globe site the big 3 from NY are getting their butts kicked :(  Anchorage, AK continues to add to their totals and at last update they were about 65 inches ahead of Syracuse.  I think one of the big 3 will need quite a few storms to catch up but it will be interesting to watch.  I’ll try and update those stats in the next couple of days.

Have a Great Day All and let’s hope this next round of snow due anytime now drops more than they are forecasting :)

Yesterday, Binghamton reported 2.8 inches of snowfall, making this season their 8th snowiest so far with 109.2 inches. The 2001-02 season, with 107.2 inches, is now out of the Top 10. Here are Binghamton’s top 10 snowiest seasons.

1. 1993-1994 (131.3)
2. 1995-1996 (131.2)
3. 1992-1993 (122.7)
4. 1955-1956 (122.6)
5. 2002-2003 (117.6)
6. 1977-1978 (115.3)
7. 1969-1970 (114.0)
8. 2010-2011 (109.2 so far)
9. 1970-1971 (108.6)
10. 1957-1958 (108.3)

This season now ranks in the Top 10 for three of the GSB cities since 1951-52. Buffalo and Rochester still are behind the pace, sitting at 22nd and 15th respectively.

With the latest storm, Albany has moved into the top ten of their snowfall seasons (since 1951-52). Now at 83.6, this season has overtaken the 1966-67 season, which had 80.9 inches.

Below are Albany’s top ten snowiest seasons, since 1951-52.
1. 1970-1971 (112.5)
2. 2002-2003 (105.4)
3. 1981-1982 (97.1)
4. 1992-1993 (94.2)
5. 1977-1978 (92.4)
6. 1971-1972 (89.3)
7. 1993-1994 (88.1)
8. 1969-1970 (87.7)
9. 1995-1996 (86.5)
10. 2010-2011 (83.6 so far)

While I believe the top spot is out of range, I could see this season end up in the top 5 when all is said and done. Wouldn’t it be something if all five GSB cities got over 100 though? Let’s make it happen Albany!

As for Binghamton, Buffalo, and Rochester, they are each outside of their respective top 10s, but are in striking distance. This is Binghamton’s 14th snowiest season, 2.1 inches away from 10th. This is Buffalo’s 23rd, 13.7 below 10th. For Rochester, this season is 17th, 12.7 behind 10th. Again, these rankings are all since the 1951-52 season, so the rankings are a bit standardized.

The latest snowstorm has pushed this season to the 10th snowiest season on record for Syracuse (157 inches), overtaking the 2002-03 season (153.2) for that spot. The current 9th place season is 1970-71, with 157.2 inches. I would imagine this season will move past that one today. Below are the top 10 snowiest seasons for Syracuse.

1. 1992-93 (192.1)
2. 2000-01 (191.9)
3. 2003-04 (181.3)
4. 1995-96 (170.9)
5. 1991-92 (166.9)
6. 1993-94 (163.8)
7. 1989-90 (162.0)
8. 1977-78 (161.2)
9. 1970-71 (157.2)
10. 2010-11 (157.0 so far)

In case you were wondering, Syracuse’s least snowiest season on record was 2001-02, with 59.4 inches.

As for the other GSB cities, below are the rankings for this season, since 1951-52 (the earliest season that data was available for all 5 cities).

Albany: 19th
Binghamton: 20th
Buffalo: 31st
Rochester: 21st

All of them, especially Buffalo, have a ways to go to reach their respective top 10. But, there still is plenty of time in the season, so maybe a few more of them can get toward the top of their snow piles!

Don’t even think about it. It’s 57 degrees in Syracuse right now and it looks like record highs for the today and maybe tomorrow for some of the Golden Snowball cities. Enjoy it while you can because it won’t last and anyone who lives in New york pretty much knows that. I was just looking at some stats from last year and they’re pretty interesting.

Last year about the same time we had record warmth. Last year on January 6Th Syracuse broke a record with a temperature of 62 degrees. Binghamton set the high temp record on the 6Th with 6o degrees and Albany broke their record with an amazing 71 degrees. Have we fallen into a pattern like last season for this time of the year. If you own a snowmobile or you’re a skier you might want to hope so.

If you look at the snow stats above for last season at this time of the year they are pitiful. By this time last year the sledders, skiers and ski resorts were having a terrible season. That all changed within a few days from this date last year. Right around January 9Th and 10Th is when things really got rolling and winter finally showed up so if we have fallen into last years pattern things could get pretty interesting and the sledders and skiers are going to love it. Right now it doesn’t look like the 9Th or 10Th has much to offer in the way of snowfall but right around the corner is some cold air knocking at the door.

That said I’d like to wish my son Christopher a Happy 19Th birthday :) Why do I feel the age with each birthday one of my kids have :(

Enjoy the next couple of warm days and have a great week all.