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  1. I’m looking at some of the radars right now and it looks like Binghamton is getting or about to get a little bit of whatever is going around tonight and Syracuse is about to get slammed by it. Hopefully snow and not freezing rain :(

  2. i think rochester and syracuse will do very good with lake effect. syracuse could be anywhere from 4-12 inches by tuesday eve…and rochester 3-10. i would say bingo comes in with 2-5, buffalo 1-3 and albany…well thats a tough callfor tonight(sunday night)into tomrow,but as for lake effect most likely under an inch

  3. Mike and Anon, I saw that the weather station report that S. Binghamton got over 5 inches. Where it’s measured didn’t do too bad if you figure they just updated today’s stats as of 5pm at 3.1 inches and then what I added earlier which I think was .9 inches for a total of 4 inches. You managed to hang onto second place by only a few snow flakes but enough.

    Rock City finally is in the contest at 7.3 inches on the season so it’s a close start to the GBS race this year.

  4. i had 5 inches on the southside of binghamton..i think the airport is only reporting 3.8 or something like that…not bad though.

  5. Anon, the last updated stats from NOAA for Binghamton, Albany and Syracuse were at 12:30 – 1:00 AM so the overnight snow hasn’t been included yet for Bingo, Syracuse or Albany. I think the next update comes out between 4 – 5pm maybe sooner. The next update will show our overnight stats and I’m glad to hear that it was at least 3 inches and hopefully more. Gotta keep this contest close :)

    Buffalo’s and Rochester’s stats were updated at around 5:30 am so some of their snow was added in the new update on the main page here.

    If I have time which I should I’ll update the new stats when they come out later.

  6. I don’t know where the official stats are posted but more than 3″ fell here in this part of Binghamton last night.

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