8 comments on “Good News and Bad News for Snow Haters

  1. ill tell you what i think the axis of heavier snow may very well set up right over bingo tonight into tomrrow morning, i wouldnt be surprised to see 4-8 more inches at the airport by tomorrow afternoon. the snow may stay south of syracuse until later, and i dont think the ROK is doing to good any more, hard to tell they are kinda in between radar sites. we shall see. on another note we had severe blizzard conditions earlier tonight as a band came through around 9pm, visibilites were zero!!

  2. Jill, I hope you at least beeped the horn as you passed by here :) My cousin has a house up in Watertown and it’s nice up that way. He is stationed out of Fort Drum right now but of course he found some way to weasel his way don to North Carolina for most of the winter. Of course his wife and kids are stuck here for the winter because of the kids being in school.

    It’s a good thing the weather wasn’t like it is right now or it would have been a long stressful trip to say the least.

  3. This past weekend I had the pleasure of driving through three of the Snowball Contest cities: Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse – all on my way to the Watertown area. I just wish it wasn’t on a weekend that had such crummy driving weather… We got to see the snow coming down going through each of the cities. Anyway, I now know where the famous Tug Hill area is :)

    All the snow I came home to yesterday had all melted overnight and froze.

    I like the snow. I could do without the sub-freezing temps and the ice. Ugh.

  4. Taking another look at the radar Binghamton or just north of it looks to be getting a good snow band right now :) Maybe you can fend the others off a little longer.

  5. Ut Oh NYCO! I better hurry up and decide which snowblower I’m gonna get for this winter. Bows to the mighty Snow God 😉 I also started my beard last Tuesday. I hope this double tradition thing too close together doesn’t start some kind of disaster.

    Well for what it’s worth Syracuse isn’t reporting much yet either. It’s coming down a bit steadier now with maybe 2 – 3 inches for the day where I live so far. NOAA only reported 0.4 for us earlier so most likely the snow is staying more to the south of the airport so far.

    Mike, the totals should be interesting come tomorrow morning. I’m wondering if Rochester might not make out the best for the overnight. They seem to have a decent snow band running right over them. It’s coming down pretty good right now where I live but with the snow being more South this time the chances are my house will probably have more snow than the airport. I’m just East of the city and south-east of the airport. Both within about 5 miles or less.

    Ya might want to be a bit worried also Mike. Second place might be 4th place come tomorrow morning when I do an update. Rochester and Buffalo just passed Binghamton. Right now it stands at:

    Syr – 13.5
    Buff – 9.9
    Rock – 9.6
    Bingo – 9.3
    Albany – Who Cares :)

    It should be very interesting come tomorrow but unfortunately our stats will only be updated from 12:30 am while Buff and Rock’s will be from about 5:30am. Hmmm, there could be a new leader in the morning until the later day updates show up.

  6. heavy snow here;from 4pm to 7pm we picked up 3 inches at my house, however BGM airport was not under the band therefore i expect they had much less. the airport should make up for that tonight and tomorrow as the further north you go the more snow expected( the airport is 7 miles north of the city and 9 miles NW of my house)i expect 2-5 or more at the airtport by morning with totals through tuesday evening of 3-7 inches. syracuse should end up with 6-12 with this one. rochester 4-8, buffalo 1-4 and albnay up to 2 inches.

  7. not too much snow here at my house, but the airport had a quick burst that dropped 1.2 inches and has us now up to 9.9 inches as of 5pm.

    I’ll hopefully post something later!

  8. The rapid cycling between white and green and white could only be the Snow God at work. Mighty are his powers.

    (I plugged him in last night. Found his box on the floor of my closet. Duh.)

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