Help Needed Finding Snow – Really

I got a call from Andrea who writes for a newspaper in Washington, DC.  She’s ready to take a road trip come tomorrow (Monday) in search of snow seeing how they have only received 1.7 inches of snow so far this season.  Here is where your help is needed.

We have nothing on the ground here in Syracuse and from what I’ve heard Binghamton is the same way.  Most likely Buffalo, Rochester and Albany are showing just grass too.  I mentioned to her that Fulton probably has some snow on the ground from the 30+ inches they received about a week ago or at least some decent size snow piles.

The question is, do you have snow on the ground where you live right now?  Does the Tug Hill still have a lot  of snow?  Remember she is coming from DC so the closer to DC the snow is the better rather than Andrea having to drive all the way to Fulton.  If you do have snow on the ground can you post in the comments section and let us know where it is.

This has to be one of my most embarrassing posts ever.  Living in the Syracuse area and I have to ask if there is any snow out there :)   Ok enough said and thanks for any feedback you can give us.

Have a Great Super Bolw Sunday and think of these numbers 3-0 & 8-4.  Go Giants!!!

2 thoughts on “Help Needed Finding Snow – Really

  1. Hi guys, hope all is well! I am loving this winter-lack of snow and some nice sunshine-super nice. We did indeed get some snow last night, so tell your friend from DC to travel north on 81, she will hit snow.

    • Hi Tina, long time noe see. I did think of bringing her up to the Tug Hill area but wasn’t sure if you had any snow on the ground last Tuesday. It looks like you are getting some decent snow now though. Is this one of the easiest winter seasons you can remeber for your area?