Still a Close Snow Race Between Syracuse and Buffalo

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OK, It’s still a close snow contest between Syracuse and Buffalo as we come down the home stretch. At least let’s hope that we are coming down the home stretch. It’s starting to look like it’s turning into a two city snow contest now with Rochester now behind about 20 inches of snowfall.

Syracuse has a smaller lead over Buffalo right now than they did last season at this time and last season was super close. Syracuse only beat Buffalo by 2.1 inches. Buffalo melted away Syracuse’s lead last season right through until the end of the 2013-2014 snow contest. All it will take right now is some decent lake effect or a small snowstorm to swing things around for Buffalo and slide them into the lead.

I think Rochester will have to pull off a magic trick and find a way for the snow to hit just Rochester and miss both Syracuse and Buffalo. Then again keep in mind that Rochester is the only city to beat Syracuse since the Golden Snowball contest has been started up again. If the cold air sticks around Rochester can also chip away at the lead that Syracuse has over them right now. Do we really want the cold air to stick around. I’m guessing that the folks in Rochester won’t mind losing this season if it means not having to get another 20+ more inches of snow to win :)

Syracuse just took the lead in the National snow contest for the first time this season and Buffalo is also hanging tough in that contest. Right now, Buffalo is in 4th place in the snowiest Big city contest in the United States. You can click here for the national snow contest.

Stay Tuned because I’m pretty sure that more snow will be falling and with the contest this close the Golden Snowball trophy is still up for grabs. Have a Great day everyone!

More Than Halfway Thru Snow Season Buffalo Leads

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A SNOW DANCE HAS BEEN PERFORMED :) Time for Syracuse to make their move in the snow contest… To all of the meteorologists, your equipment is fine and don’t mind the weird pattern changes on the radars in the near future. Just a little snow dance, that’s all ;)

I have to say that I am impressed with Buffalo so far this season holding on to the snow lead as long as they have. I would guess looking at the snow stats that sometime last week we hit the halfway mark for the 2014 – 2015 snow season. Of course none of us have a clue as to what Mother Nature and Father Winter have in store for us in the second half. If the last several days are any indication it could be a stormy second half to the snow season. There is another storm moving into some of our areas so keep an eye on it. This storm should help Albany out and maybe Binghamton. Click Here to Keep Updated on The Snow Storm!

Check out the current snow stats and you will notice that the normal snowfall averages to date for this time of the year are more than half of what each of the cities average for the snow season. In other words Buffalo has 56.4 inches of snow for what their normal snowfall should be to date which is more than half of what their Entire season on average totals are which is 94.7. It’s the same with the rest of the cities in the GSB snow contest.

Syracuse to date on average has 68.9 which is more than half of the total snowfall for an average season. Binghamton shows the normal snow to date at 42.0 inches which is just over their normal total season snowfall of 83.4. Rochester’s normal is 51.2, again just more than half of what the totals are for the entire season which are 99.5. Wrapping it up with Albany who by the way we may want to keep an eye on the next couple of days normals are at 30.4 and are just over half of the normal seasonal snowfall of 59.1 inches of snow… As always keep in mind that my fuzzy math shows up every now and then ;)

So I would think it is safe to say that we have all made it through the first half of the Snow Bowl and it was pretty lame for most of us. I don’t think the second half is going to be as easy though if the past several days are an indicator. Another clipper that turns into a coastal or Nor’easter has already shaped up and some blizzard warnings are being post for some of the cities on the Northeast coast. Right now it is looking good for Albany and maybe Binghamton will be able to sneak some of it into their city to climb up the snow hill a little.

Rochester and Syracuse both have some kind of snow bubble over the cities. As of the last update both Binghamton and Rochester are tied for 3rd place or is that tied for 4th place? The scary part or embarrassing part is that one of those cities may be in last place by the end of Tuesday or even sooner depending on how this storm tracks and when. I think it would be funny to see Albany at the top of the snow hill after this storm is done with them. I think they trail Buffalo by too much right now but I do think they have a chance at taking the number 2 slot on the snow hill. Stay tuned and I’ll be posting the snow updates as they come into me.

Have an Awesome Weekend Alll!

Rochester Finally Out of Last Place in Snow Contest

Updated 1/1/15 - WTG Rochester and it’s about time you joined the snowball fight ;)  It had to be pretty embarrassing siting at the bottom of the snow hill for all of that time.  It really has to be embarrassing when you were even losing to our vacation city to the East, Albany :)

All of the snow stats are up to date and it is a really close snow race with all 5 cities in the hunt for the king of the snow hill.  Maybe The Roc was just hanging back and will start making their move now.  Stay Tuned!

From my family to your family I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! I also wanted to say Thanks to all of you have visited the site over the past year, took time to make a donation, leave a comment or dropped me an Email :)

Thanks to ALL of you who visit and the media for spreading the word about the snow contest. Our fun little snow site continues to grow each and every season. Of course if it doesn’t start snowing pretty soon that could change this season :( Joking, a lot of time left… Here is an unofficial look at the traffic for the last few years and keep in mind it is for the entire year and not the Seasons.

Visitors to the Golden Snowball Contest

Year               Unique Visitors         Total Visitors             Page Views
——                ——————–         —————–             —————-
2011                   7,873                    14,846                        44,386 (Oct – Dec)
2012                 51,432                  102,042                      335,866
2013                 72,048                  175,565                      452,907
2014               143,445                  311,800                      649,169

Buffalo is just a few flake out of first place in the National Snow Contest, the Golden Snow Globe and it will be interesting to see if they can pull ahead of Grand Rapids, Michigan before the end of the year. Buffalo could actually end the year in the lead and start the new year with the lead in just a matter of hours time. Good Luck Buffalo ;) Buffalo continues to hold on to a slight lead and as I am typing all of the cities are within striking distance of taking the top spot on the snow hill this season, INCLUDING Albany ;) Of course that could change pretty soon because it looks like Buffalo is expecting to get some decent snow today and tomorrow. If that pans out they should be able to add to their lead in the Golden Snowball Contest.

Have a Happy Safe New Years Eve Everyone!

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From our family to yours we wish All of you a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Robins and Snowflakes Fill the Sky

First Off as Always – A big Thanks to James M. for your kind donation to the site. As always I cannot say enough how much I appreciate it and how they do offset the costs of the site and time spent on it. It’s nice to know that the site and hours that go into it are appreciated. Thanks again James and to the rest of you who have donated :)

Are you one of those people that the glass is half full or half empty?  If it’s half full then the good news is that I had over 25 Robins flying around the yard today.  The Robins have returned which is a good sign of what is right around the corner :)   The not so good news for those of you with half empty glasses is that they were dodging snowflakes as they were chasing the squirrels away.

The Robins Have Returned

At one point there were about 15 of them digging for worms in a little spot that had some grass showing and of course the snow was all around them.  They must have eaten well on their trip back because they were fat.  Either that or they were all females waiting to lay some eggs sometime soon.  It’s just nice to see them back and rumor has it that come the end of NEXT week we may be turning the page on this winter season.

Syracuse continues to hold the top spot on the snow hill but Buffalo is still just a storm away from them.  I think it’s getting to the point, make that past the point where most people don’t want any more snow.

The National Snow Contest has been really close also with Erie, PA holding the lead for most of the season.  Syracuse was able to tie and then pass them but that only lasted for about a day.  Right now only 2 inches separate the top spot and Buffalo even has a slight chance at being crowned the Snowiest BIG City in the US.  You can check that out at .

Have an Awesome Night All!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

First, a big Thanks to Valerie A. for your kind donation. It means a lot and helps out a lot, Thanks for taking the time Valerie :)
Happy St. Patrick Day to all my Irish visitors and to those of you who celebrate it ;) I was just looking up some of my family’s names to see how we rank in Ireland. I was surprised that our names didn’t rank as high as I thought they would have. I’ll have to check the Canadian French and English version of our names.. How does you name rate?

My Oldest Son Shane Patrick = 11
My Daughter Danielle = 48
My Youngest Christopher Edward = 40
Me, Patrick Christian = 18
My Dad Edward George = 81

Here is a pretty good place I found to check the popularity of your names in Ireland out, both male and female.

Male -
Female –

Have a Great St Patty’s Day :)

Sorry About the Snow Updates

First off a Big Thanks to Captain Kev for his donation to the site and good luck with your certification Kevin ;)

OK, Sorry about the updates or should I say lack of updates?  It’s been a busy but fun few days visiting with family and friends during the Christmas holiday and it will be getting even better when My grandson arrives here later on tonight.  I’ll try and get some more updates in as we get ready for the weekend.  A Merry Christmas from my family to yours :)

Have a Great Night All!

Just a Heads up on Comments

Normally I leave the comments sections open for the summer and keep an eye on them.  Most of them are spam and come September, October I find myself having to spend a couple hours going through them and getting rid of most of them :(

Anyways, right now I’m getting hammered by them so I’m going to cut off comments for awhile.  I’m talking about 2000 a day right now and growing.  Isn’t worth trying to block the IP’s because they are always different.

If you do need to get a hold of me for any reason feel free to by using the contact form.  Sorry about any inconvenience and have a fun, sunny summer all :)

It’s a Wrap, Syracuse Once Again Snow Champs

Congratulations Syracuse!!!  It seems like just yesterday that most people were dreading winter and the snow season and now here we are wrapping up the Golden Snowball Contest as we always do on May 1st.  Now we have a whole month or two of warm weather ahead of us before we start thinking about the snow again :)   OK, let’s hope it’s more like 5 - 7 months ahead of us before the word snow is even mentioned.

Last seasons champs Rochester stayed in reach of Syracuse for most of the season but Syracuse was able to get some late season snowfall including 12 inches in April to pull away at the end.  As for how far off the Golden Snowball cities were from their normal averages I would have to say that this was once again a pretty lame season.  Not as bad as last seasons lack of snowfall but when Albany is the city who came closest to their average snow totals you no it was a below average season.

Below are some stats showing the difference between this seasons snowfall and the normal average for all of the GSB cities.  That is providing it doesn’t snow any more ;)   Buffalo’s snow the last couple of seasons definitely has me scratching my head.  36.7 inches last season and only 58.8 inches this season to date :(

Albany - 7.7 inches below normal snow totals.
Syracuse – 8.4 below
Binghamton – 14.3 below
Rochester – 21.4 below
Buffalo – 35.9 below

Last but not least to wrap this season up a quick Thanks to Stephen Ellis who helps out at both and the national snow site  This season Stephen came up with an idea that he borrowed (Stole, shhh) from the weather channel called Fantasy Snowfall.  We gave it a test run this season and hopefully next season we can bring in some more people to make it more fun.  Stephen kicked my butt most likely, always making a big comeback at the end of each month ;)

Thanks to all of you who visit the site and also to all of you who posted comments through the season to make it an even more fun contest to pass the winter by.  This season the Golden Snowball website had well over 100,000 visits.  As always, visits from both snow lovers and snow haters ;)   A big thanks to those of you who were able to donate to the site to help offset some of the out of pocket expenses running the site.  It really does help out a lot :)

A Big Thanks to the journalists from some of the Golden Snowball cities who always have some fun with the contest throughout the season. One that comes to mind is Sean Kirst from the Post standard and who has always written some informative and fun articles about the GSB snow contest.  The main reason our fun snow contest has grown big enough to get some national media exposure.

I’m sure our great Mayor of Syracuse, Stephanie Miner will be more than happy to hear that Syracuse has won once again :)   Hey with the lack of snow this season all of the Mayor’s I’m sure are happy for the money they must have saved on their DPW budgets ;)

Congrats again to Syracuse and don’t forget that the National Snow Contest still lives on for a little longer.  I’m hoping to call the Golden Snow Globe Contest in a couple of weeks if the snow has finally stopped falling in most of the states.

Have a Super Awesome Summer Everyone :)