4 comments on “Independence Day, Old Glory and The PGR

  1. ZR800, the new forum??? Did you log into it? The posts don’t show unless your logged in. To be honest with you I think I liked the old forum better than the one we are using now.

  2. same with me here in syracuse, I’m a 6 year navy vet. I like to blow off rockets in my backyard, leave me alone, fire in the hole,
    I’ll be done at midnite!!

  3. just dropping in ya I know it’s been a while and I said like a month ago I had a blog to post, and yeah I’m still finsihing it up, well its gonna be a half blog as I need some input from others to truly finish it. Anyways not to rant but I cant believe this commie (communist) who came over into my yard on the 4th and told me my fireworks were bothering her. It’s our nations birthday, and thousands of brave men died for my right to blow up a small chucnk of this great land every fourth of july! Ahh I was so fied up she said she would call the cops I wanted to call the DHS and report a terrorist supporter. Why I am even writing all of this, thats how frustrasted I was!

    Anyways new blog this weekend, I SWEAR!

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