4 comments on “It’s a Close Snow Contest

  1. Mike, here is pretty much what happened according to a meteorologist who BTW lives in the Binghamton area.

    A couple of things happened. One was that the best lake band dropped into western and southern Broome county and missed the airport. The other was that the wind at the airport was blowing around 30 mph and kept blowing the lake fluff off the snowboards so the guys had to estimate.

    Lots of snow season left to get back in the lead. BTW Binghamton set the date record that went back to 1972 with 2.4 inches being reported for yesterday.

  2. i dont beleive it 1.9…are they kidding us, i guarentee the airport got more than that..they need to learn how to measure snow!!! even downtown binghamton which gets the least amount of snow has 5 inches. idk what to say.i mean yea the snow blew off the snowboard in the 55 mph gusts but you have to account for that in your measurements…im pretty upset.

  3. Mike, you don’t even want to look at the stats that came in for Binghamton. Only 1.9 inches reported at up to 5:00 pm. I was surprised and a couple others from Binghamton are too I think. The thing is that Daver in the forum is from NOAA and a big Bingo fan in the contest so you can bet he is keeping a good eye on your stats.

    Rochester owns second place. For now anyways 😉 I’m out for the night but will respond when I get a chance. At least it was a day off of school FWIW :)

  4. good morning all. well no school today!! woke up to about 8 inches of snow and still falling, its still falling now(1pm). i think we may have about 9 inches now. i suspect the airpot will have a bit less than me, as i was stuck under a 5 mile wide extremely intense snowband for several hours while they were not.However im sure the airport got their fair share of intense bands, and they probably have 6 or 7 inches.cant wait for this afternoons update, should be very interesting!!!

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