5 comments on “Just A Few More Days Left

  1. Thanks Jill for the congrats. Lets just hope next season there will be a new champ to keep it more exciting.

    I agree, it was a fun season and it was nice to have some new people around like yourself to keep it fun. There was a mention about some kind of awarding of the trophy earlier this season. I’ll have to get in touch with Dennis from the mayors office and see if they are going to put something together. Maybe if the newschannels cover it we can get something on youtube 😉

    Check the Buffalo news website out I think tomorrow Jill. Hopefully we have a star in the makings. The General.

    As for the Sabres, they best get thier act together tomorrow night. They can’t afford anymore losses :(

  2. ~sigh~
    We didn’t get any snow.


    Congrats and thanks to Syracuse and Rochester for the fun season/contest :)

    Is there going to be some kind of ceremony or something where Syracuse will get the trophy? If so, will it be on YouTube for us non-Syracuse-locals to be able to watch?

    And yeah – don’t forget… Go Sabres! 😛 (They are going to kick butt tonight!)

  3. That would definitely be cool to see Jill ; ) Wow to 51.3 inches behind. No way would I ever predicted that Buffalo would be that far off the mark this season. Another winter like that and you can start a campaign as “Buffalo, the place to go to get away from the snow” :p

    I really thought this was the year that Buffalo or Rochester dethroned us. On the bright side it was a fun season and close for a good part of it.

  4. Ack – Today is the day! Buffalo needs to get 51.3″ of snow before midnight tonight in order to win the Most Esteemed New York State Golden Snowball Award Contest. If it started snowing at 8:00 tonight, we would only need a little over a foot of snow an hour to win. Wouldn’t *that* be cool to see? 😛

    Go Sabres!

  5. Oh, BTW to you Sabres fans! I have seen parts of 3 games now. Prbably about 5 – 6 periods. They look Great! Go Sabres 😉

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