12 comments on “Syracuse Wins 2006 – 2007 Golden Snowball Award

  1. Ah…see that’s it! Sometimes emails don’t get to me, so there’s your problem…glad you were able to get Part 2 done though. :)

  2. Sre, didn’t you get my email about you doing the Part 2 wrap-up this time :) To be honest with you I have been so busy on other stuff that I haven’t followed to much of the rest of the countries weather yet. BUT, it’s pretty close to that time again and I’ll start updating things on the site. That is if I can remember how to after that long break off.

  3. Hey, it just says “end part 1″ it never says there’s a part 2 coming. :)

    Maybe we should get Denver in on the competition, they’d have a stranglehold, the likes of which can’t possibly be made up…um…except for the can’t part.

  4. Ninny Moose,

    I thought I had until October to wrap it up before we start it all over again ; ) I’ll see if I can get part 2 up in the next several days. This is my time to catch up all my other websites. Ummm, and to enjoy the nice weather.


    Binghamton has won it once in the past so I suppose we never know. I thought the Nor’ Easters would of helped them out last season but it never panned out.

  5. Ryan,

    Thanks for the Go Syracuse :) Some friends and I were talking this weekend about all the snow the North country got. Especially that period when it just wouldn’t stop and I think the consensus was that that’s a bit too much to handle all them days in a row. On the other hand I bet it was fun once the shoveling was done.

  6. Go syracuse!

    and come on, you know you would’ve loved the 10 ft. of snow…it was just a blast up here…lol.

  7. “The city’s that compete are Albany, Buffalo, Binghamton, Rochester and last years Champion, Syracuse.”

    Whoever’s in charge of this site, please change “city’s” to “cities”.

  8. Nice article about the contest in news this morning. Should be up on the news website after 7am.

  9. My worst call weatherman was Rochester taking 4th this season. Some kind of brain lapse or something when I posted that. I sould know better :( All in all the cities made up a lot of ground to at least beat out last years pitiful snow totals.

    UMMM, did State make it to the 12 inch mark this season, lol?

  10. I’m shocked. Really.

    Or not.

    I so called this. 😛 Take that, Buffalo!

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