5 comments on “Lake Effect Snow Means Snow Guesstimate Time

  1. Adam, we just got a good blast here also just outside of the city. That band past to the east but it’s starting to build up pretty good right now to the NW of us and it will be heading our way. Hopefully it won’t head far enough to the east to miss us.

    The North Syracuse area just had a band that had to be dropping 3 – 4 inches an hour and there is a good chance that my area is going to get clipped by it. It’s showing bright orange on the radar 😉

  2. 3:16 pm–Not sure what you all are seeing, but here in Camillus it’s pretty bad. It’s been real heavy for about an hour. I hope it keeps up :)
    Syracuse: 8.1″
    Rochester: 4.4″
    Buffalo: 2.1″
    Binghamton: 2″
    Albany: 0.2″

    GO SYRACUSE! (for snow and basketball)

  3. Tom, you never know. Things are shifting eastward and it may make it to Albany.

    ZR, at least you can say you have the lead right now. Something Syracuse or Buffalo can’t say. I still remember your slow start last year so your off to a good start this season.

    Nothing in Da Cuse right now. Looking at the radar there are plenty of squalls around though. I heard all 3 of the local forecasts for us and they seem to be slowly dropping the numbers. I hope this season isn’t going to be like last season with all the hype and nothing to show for it :(

  4. Syracuse: 13.2″
    Albany (I know, this is odd): 6.5″
    Rochester: 5.3″
    Buffalo: 3.2″
    Binghamton: 1.9″

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